News – UK – French government slams mayor after taking meat off the school menu


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The French government has accused the mayor of Lyon of insulting the country’s farmers after removing meat from school meals in the city

Mayor Gregory Doucet said the meat ban is to ensure an optimized menu in the context of Covid-19 restrictions during the school lunch break

But the French government has accused Mr Doucet, a member of the Greens, of trying to promote vegetarianism

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Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin added that this was an “unacceptable insult” to the country’s farmers and butchers

“We can see that the moralizing and elitist politics of the Greens excludes the popular classes

Mr Doucet struck on Sunday (21 Feb.) by saying his right-hand predecessor introduced the same measure during the first wave of the pandemic in 2020

France has a rocky relationship with vegetarianism: in 2018 the government passed a law preventing vegetarian products from being labeled like traditional animal products

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News – UK – French government slams mayor after removing meat from school menu