News – UK – GMB’s Alex Beresford Says Terrible Twitter Abuse “Too Outrageous To Repeat On The Air”


British presenter Alex Beresford spoke to Dame Mary Beard about social media trolls and said he was being horribly abused online on a regular basis

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Good Morning UK host Alex Beresford sadly admitted Thursday that he’s frequently subjected to horrific abuse on social media

Alex, 40, had spoken to Dame Mary Beard about obnoxious internet bullying and revealed that the abuse he experiences on social media was too horrific to even read aloud on the air

He co-hosted the show with Charlotte Hawkins when they interviewed historian Mary, who is known to take one of her worst trolls out to dinner and write him a work reference

Mary said, “For me it’s a very simple principle and it would be nice to spread it further That said, you should just tell someone on social media what you would say to their face

“Sometimes you will be rude, we don’t want a world where nobody is ever rude, that would be extremely boring But the idea that you hide behind social media anonymity and leave out all your feelings of frustration

“I’m sure some of these people, and it’s not just people who do, I’m sure they are sad souls, but we need to have a sense of basic courtesy

“You talk like you on social media, I guess like you’re eyeball to eyeball, end of”

Alex said, “I totally agree with you, Mary, because some of the things I see on Twitter I wouldn’t even read aloud in this program

Alex hosted Good Morning Britain alongside Kate Garraway or for the first time in August 2020 and recalled the exciting new role with a tweet that said, “I grew up religious at the ITV breakfast because of my parents!” p>”

“I never thought that one day I would host it together with one of the best anchors in the game @ kategarraway I pinch myself and beyond that grateful @ GMB”

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News – GB – GMB’s Alex Beresford says terrible Twitter abuse is too mean to repeat it on the air ‘