News – UK – Honors for Cattle Truck Victims in Yorkshire


Posted: 01:49 GMT, 23 February 2021 | Updated: 01:49 GMT, Jan. February 2021

Honors were given to a student and doctor who lost their lives in a cattle truck accident in Yorkshire last week

Oliver Louis Knott, 21, and Maisie Jade Ryan, 27, were both killed after a truck loaded with cattle on May 18 Crashed into their cars on the A65 near Ilkley in February

After their devastating deaths, tributes to the “brilliant doctor” Maisie and the “kind-hearted” student Oliver have come from all corners of the country

In memory of Maisie, a Just Giving page has been set up with over 11000 GBP has been raised for charity

Oliver Louis Knott (21) (left) and Maisie Jade Ryan (27) (right) were both killed after a truck loaded with cattle on May 18 They crashed into their cars on the A65 near Ilkley on February 28th

Her friends wrote on the page, ‘We created this page for our beautiful, kind, caring, and sensitive friend, Maisie Was tragically killed in a traffic accident in February 2021

‘Maisie spent her life caring for others and worked so hard to become the brilliant medical doctor she was, a job she loved

‘Anthony Nolan was a charity that Maisie loved and worked with throughout her medical education and beyond. We’d like to use this page to continue the wonderful work Maisie was involved in and to be happy Exchange memories and celebrate everything Maisie was

‘She was a friend of everyone who knew her and this is a loss to this world that many will feel’

Oliver also received a moving tribute from his former Bradford football club, Thackley Juniors,

It is said: ‘It is with great sadness that the club learned of the tragic death of one of our former players, 21-year-old Oliver Knott

‘Oliver joined Thackley Juniors at Under-Sevens and played through to U18 level before going to University in Liverpool

‘While he was a competent center-back in his early days, Oliver’s talents as a goalkeeper quickly became apparent

In honor of Maisie, her friends set up a fundraising page to raise money for the Anthony Nolan charity So far, she has donated more than 11Received £ 000

Oliver’s old soccer team Thackley Juniors FC went on Twitter to pay tribute to the 21-year-old and said he was “really missed”

‘Over the course of his time, he has won various awards with Thackley Storm and Lightning teams, including multiple Players Player and Coaches Player of the Year

‘Oliver was instrumental in the Storm team’s only league win in 2014 and will be remembered as a smart, kind-hearted, fun character who is truly missed by everyone who knew him and played with him

After the accident, a West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “Investigations are still ongoing to determine the circumstances of the collision ‘

Anyone who witnessed the collision or was in the area at the time and who has dashcam footage or other information is asked to report log number 284 from Jan. Contact the Major Collision Inquiry Team at number 101 in February

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Addingham, Ilkley

News – GB – Honors for accident victims with a cattle truck in Yorkshire