News – UK – It would be a dream to measure David Healy’s winners against England, says Lauren Wade of Northern Ireland


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Lauren Wade smiles at the mention of a particular international match in September 2005

It’s been almost 16 years since David Healy knocked the ball past Paul Robinson to give Northern Ireland a famous win over England at Windsor Park

Lauren was one of 14000 at Windsor Park who went wild when the ball hit the net remembering “I remember this game like it was yesterday”

Current circumstances mean that no fans can be present when women from Northern Ireland compete against their English counterparts today (12:30 p.m.), the reason why the game is held at England’s training headquarters at St George’s Park is going to be held, and so it will be a much more low-key occasion than it might have been

A win for the girls in green would mean just as much, even if the friendly game is part of the bigger picture, as Kenny Shiels prepares his team for the women’s play-off at Euro 2022 in April

“I can still see David Healy’s goal and it would be a dream come true to score against England,” said Lauren

“We focused on ourselves but it would be fantastic if the men beat England and then the women”

The confidence boost the Northern Irish girls would bring to the playoffs if they could beat England would undoubtedly be enormous

If it was all about winning to keep the feel-good factor high after a record-breaking four-win run led her to the play-offs, Shiels would have hand-picked the opponent for that week – and he would don’t do I didn’t choose England

However, the opportunity to face a team that made it to the World Cup semi-finals less than two years ago is one that both the manager and the players enjoy, mixed in with the knowledge that England when it doesn’t that would have done what it has done for the past 18 months, even looking for friendly opposition elsewhere

“We want to play the best to challenge ourselves It’s a marker to see where we are,” said Lauren

“It may have been easy for the coaching team to choose a team we can win against – that doesn’t mean we don’t have a chance to win against England – but against players from The Caliber that we are confronted can only be positive for us “

Going to the lioness den against a squad made up of the top five teams in the English WSL may still seem like madness, but there is a method for Shiels, especially given this big play-off date / p>

“When you play at home for one of the teams in our domestic league, which most of our girls do, they are not used to playing opponents of this magnitude,” he said

“They will play faster than we are used to, they are stronger than we are used to

“They have it all – all the perks it takes to be a sporty athlete. Why shouldn’t this be a really good experiment to visit and fight against?

“I think these are the ideal opponents when we are working hard and improving to measure how fast we can play and how accurately we can play That’s the whole purpose and logic “

For Lauren, who is a freelance agent after leaving Glasgow City for Christmas, one eye is on the present while the other is on the future for various reasons

“Every game is an opportunity and for me as a free agent there could be something out of this game. My focus is on performing well for Northern Ireland and the rest can follow, but it is definitely a game that is a showcase for me “she said

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News – UK – It would be a dream to measure David Healy’s winners against England, says Northern Ireland’s Lauren Wade
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