News – UK – ‘It’s a shame’: Paul Merson claims the Arsenal man joined the club at the wrong time


Paul Merson told Sky Sports that Mikel Arteta became Arsenal manager too early, as announced by Football Daily

It’s been over a year since Arteta took over government in North London, and Merson believes the young Arsenal boss “had to clean up a lot of chaos”

While questions continue to be asked of certain older players at Arsenal, it is the youngsters who thrive and find a way forward for the rest

Merson believes there have been improvements at Arsenal, but today’s showdown with Manchester City is unfair to see how far they have come

“I don’t think (today’s game) is going to be seeing how far they’ve come because this is Manchester City,” said Merson. “You’re on a roll

“Last season they beat them in a big football game in the FA Cup semi-finals. They had a plan and need to go back to that plan

“I think they are quietly improving I like what Arteta is doing. He’s just trying to get rid of it all. It was like a storm hit the place (when he first joined) There was a lot of dead wood and people with a lot Money

“I think he walked in and it really is a shame I would have loved to see him as the next manager after all of this was sorted out I just think he is cleaning up a lot of the mess – and it takes time”

Arsenal will look back on their FA Cup semi-final win over Manchester City to believe they can cause a stir

The big difference is that this Man City team is a different beast than the one they played back then

While everyone’s attacking talent is evident, not many teams can overcome their now-enhanced defenses The team currently holds the best defensive record in the league

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News – GB – “It’s a shame”: Paul Merson claims the Arsenal man joined the club at the wrong time