News – UK – ITV rules out Piers Morgan’s investigation into bullying and harassment


ITV responded to an open letter accusing Piers Morgan of bullying and harassment, stating that there will be no internal investigation and that they will not control his social -Media edition

More than 600 freelancers and television personalities called on the broadcaster to publicly denounce all forms of bullying after the British host of Good Morning spat with Adeel Amini on Twitter and said he would say “a lot no” to it say their work together again

ITV executives Kevin Lygo and Carolyn McCall made it clear that there is no room for bullying on the network, but added that Piers is a freelance himself and has no say in his tweets

The answer began: “ITV takes all allegations of workplace bullying and harassment very seriously, and we believe there is absolutely no place for it in ITV

“We have an independent whistleblowing hotline that we communicate about our implementation process and that we continuously monitor, in addition to our internal complaint procedures, which are open to both permanent employees and freelancers

“Our firm understanding is that in this case the tweet in question did not accuse Piers of bullying and harassment while he was working on life stories. Therefore, after speaking with both parties, there is no internal investigation

‘On the separate issue of social media sharing, we understand that some producers would like to share their views on their personal platforms, and we also believe that Piers is a prolific and long-time social media user where he is known for is to engage in a robust, heated exchange when criticism is directed against him

“However, Twitter accounts and the decision to comment on each other are your personal choices. Piers is a freelance moderator and we do not control his output on social media or the other media platforms he writes for’

Hello Adeel, in 2010 you worked on life stories for exactly two months Judging by your résumé, & was the high point of your television career so you really don’t need to worry about getting more vacancies because I’d rather employ a lobotomized aardvark https: // tco / uZjmNwVeYj

The statement concluded, “To reiterate, we are certain that there is no room for bullying at ITV and it will not be tolerated. We are and will continue to be supportive and committed members of the Coalition for Change work productively with colleagues from across the industry ‘

The message addressed to McCall, Lygo and ITV read: “Like many in our industry, we were appalled by Piers Morgan’s online conduct of targeted abuse against a freelancer”

“Morgan, with 77 million Twitter followers, had approached and tagged a former employee in derogatory posts

“As freelancers working on television, we feel obliged to speak out against bullying and harassment wherever we see it, including by screen personalities who are too often badly reprimanded for unacceptable behavior and abusive behavior”

It continued, “Over the past year, conversations by The TV Mindset and other organizations including The Coalition for Change, BECTU and the Edinburgh Television Festival reaffirmed the need to address the widespread problem of bullying and harassment to eliminate Now is the time to act ‘

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News – GB – ITV rules out investigation of Piers Morgan for bullying and harassment
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