News – UK – John Robertson on compassionate vacation while Inverness searches for a short-term manager


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The head of Caley Thistle spoke last month about his mental health issues before he was bereaved in the family last week

Now he will compassionately say goodbye and with assistant Scott Kellacher suffering from a serious illness, the club will attempt to appoint a caretaker boss until Robertson returns

The manager Scot Gardiner says Robbo will be given for as long as he needs it Barry Wilson is expected to take the team with him for today’s home game against Alloa

He said, “Starting today, John will say goodbye compassionately. It’s only fair and reasonable

“John has had some pretty terrible things to do in the past few days and weeks

“He lost a member of his family in pretty dire circumstances last week and it hit him pretty hard

“John wasn’t at the memorial service – he was at our match on Saturday It’s the culmination of a series of horrific things

“We don’t expect it to be long term, but that doesn’t mean we won’t stand by it”

“Life threw him some pretty tough things that I won’t go into out of respect and privacy

“We lost our assistant Scott Kellacher in January to a very serious illness, then he got Covid

“Scott will be out for the foreseeable future. He’s still our assistant manager and will be strong again at some point, but not anytime soon

“While John pretty much had a couple of hammer blows and we have to deal with that

“It is the right thing to do as a football club and as a person” to do the right thing

“But we have fans, we have hopes and expectations, players who want to win and be promoted, so we have to bring in help in the days ahead”

“We need someone who survived the course and managed it at a high level It’s not just someone who fills a room

“We will do our best, as quickly, practically and efficiently as possible, but we want to find the right person, and that person must be able to engage with what we say”

Wilson is expected to lead the team against Alloa tonight and urged the players to take all three points for their manager

He said, “Our thoughts are with John and Scott, but when players cross the white line everything else can be forgotten

“I’ve always found it as a gamer that it was a great release, if you’ve had any issues we’ll ask

“We are ready to go, and we hope they can produce an achievement the gaffer would be proud of”

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News – UK – John Robertson on compassionate vacation while Inverness searches for a short-term manager