News – UK – Living with Covid: Ministers meet to approve the revised plan, according to which schools will reopen from March


As Taoiseach Micheál Martin has signaled over the past few days, almost all aspects of the closure will be canceled after the 5th March Extended Photo: Gareth Chaney / Collins Photos Dublin

Ministers and senior officials will meet in government buildings tonight to approve the government’s revised plan for living with Covid, which aims to extend the current lockdown through April

After approval by today’s Cabinet Subcommittee meeting, the plan will be brought to a full Cabinet meeting tomorrow morning and will be publicly announced that afternoon

As Taoiseach Micheál Martin has signaled over the past few days, almost all aspects of the lockdown after the 5th March extended, with a review expected to take place at Easter If April falls, it means the country will be locked for more than three months at the time of the review

Schools will partially reopen in March Junior and senior first and second grade infants and students who graduate on May 1 are expected to arrive Returning to March, followed by another reopening two weeks later on March 15th March for other elementary school students and for the fifth year of school According to this plan, the remaining secondary school students will not start until after the Easter break on December 12 April, although this has yet to be approved by ministers

There may also be a relaxation of restrictions on people meeting outdoors, although ministers and senior officials said it may just be a recognition of what is already happening when people meet in parks and outdoors however, is considered unlikely to allow socializing in gardens. No decisions have been made on this yet

Reopening of non-essential retail is not contemplated as the construction industry, despite signals from ministers in recent weeks that it is poised to reopen on Nov. March could look forward to being disappointed as well, but government sources say that a large number of construction sites are currently open as they fall under the existing exemptions

People are being urged to continue working from home and the government is encouraging people to continue to adhere to restrictions in order to keep the R-number – the average rate of infection of a person with Covid – below one

The government is also expected to announce changes to the vaccination schedule, with people with respiratory problems likely to be offered earlier vaccinations

There will also likely be an update to plans to make mandatory quarantine for travelers from high-risk countries in certain hotels this morning Justice Secretary Helen McEntee announced that the laws first promised last month will be finalized in the next two weeks

Micheál Martin’s address to the public on the way forward follows mixed signals for weeks

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Two politicians are to be charged with alleged violations of the Covid-19 regulations

The public is getting tired of vague, contradicting information and ad hoc announcements

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News – UK – Living with Covid: Ministers meet to approve the revised plan that schools will use from March be opened again
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