News – UK – London bus drivers on strike this week over pay and conditions


Ondon bus passengers could face “serious disruptions” this week as the drivers will subsequently go on strike over payment and terms

More than 2000 members of the Unite union employed by French-owned RATP will take action from Monday

Michelle Braveboy, Unite officer, said the terms and conditions are “under attack” and some drivers are given a wage cut of 2500 GBP per year are faced

RATP operates three subsidiaries on the London bus network, London United, London Sovereign and Quality Line

Staff at London United, which operates bus services in south and west London, will be on strike for three days from Monday, while Quality Line staff will take action at a depot in Epsom, Surrey on Monday and Tuesday

Members of the London Sovereign, which provides services in North West London, will be announced on Monday and April 3 March to retire

Ms. Braveboy said: “Our members have no choice but to defend themselves against these attacks and at the same time recognize the disturbance caused

“They are reluctant to take strike action in a time of national emergency but feel pressed against the wall”

Industrial action will only affect a small fraction of the capital’s buses, said Transport for London (TfL)

59 daily routes, six 24-hour routes, six night routes and nine school routes are expected to be affected by the strike, mainly in south-west London

TfL said it would make sure there were as many bus connections as possible However, customers in west, south-west and north-west London and parts of Surrey and Hertfordshire are advised to check before traveling from Monday

Claire Mann, director of bus operations at TfL, said, “Customers should check before they travel and allow more time to travel while remembering government advice to stay home when they can.” >

“We urge all parties to sit down and discuss the problems in order to resolve them as soon as possible”

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News – UK – London bus drivers on strike this week over pay and terms
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