News – UK – Macron: France curfew will last four to six weeks


President Emmanuel Macron has announced in a cuff-free comment that the curfew in France will remain in place for another four to six weeks

Mr Macron visited the garden city of Stains in Seine-Saint-Denis to promote a mentoring system in France designed to increase the chances of young people from disadvantaged or remote areas to gain qualifications and find a job, if he did so the comment was in response to a question from a member of the public

An unnamed young man asked him whether the curfew, which runs from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. every day, could be postponed by one hour “because it is difficult”

In response, Mr. Macron said: “We have to hold out four to six weeks for a few more weeks”

DE DIRECT – Couvre-feu à 18h: Interrogé par un jeune durant une visite à Stains, Emmanuel Macron appelle à “tenir encore quelques semaines”, “4 à 6 semaines” https: // tco / Co7YCpvOrG BildTwittercom / JdRBHTIx4e

The Elysée later clarified its remarks, saying: “This is a time when the vaccination strategy has evolved, in four to six weeks we will have more French vaccinated, which will have an impact on the evolution of the epidemic

But the palace added: “The strategy is not changing. We continue to take the necessary measures, always on a case-by-case basis”

General manager of Santé Jérôme Salomon has meanwhile insisted that the curfew, which has been in force since mid-December, “works very well”

But he still refuses to rule out “stricter measures” in the event the Covid-19 epidemic worsens

“The situation is obviously very tense and is changing with the new variants,” but “the government has taken tough measures, especially with the curfew, and the latter works very well,” Salomon, an infectious disease specialist, told Journal du Dimanche / p>

“The presence of the variants means that at 80% we need to achieve a higher level of collective immunity,” he said. “Today between 15 and 20% of the French population are immune and 5% are vaccinated, so we are at a critical point Race against time ”

But he said he believed a third term could be avoided “We have saved time In nursing homes, the vaccination rate is close to 80%, with an already visible impact on mortality and hospital admissions”

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News – GB – Macron: The curfew for France will last four to six weeks