News – UK – Man named Colin Pidgeon catches pigeon during government zoom meeting


From toddlers in sight during interviews to all of the wars in a local council meeting, the fulcrum of endless Zoom meetings during the pandemic has resulted in a growing archive of unexpected interruptions

But a research officer named Colin Pidgeon who caught a live pigeon in the middle of a government meeting probably wasn’t one of us who had breakdown bingo cards at his virtual meeting

In a moment forever immortalized on Twitter, Pidgeon quietly interrupted a Wednesday session of the Northern Irish Assembly Finance Committee to announce, “I literally just caught a pigeon”

Seconds later, Pidgeon could be seen picking up the live pigeon brought in by his pet cat and apparently moving to release it through a window

Vice-Committee Chairman Paul Frew suggested widening the view of Pidgeon’s screen so that committee members could better see the incident He joked, “We’ll know what kind of soup you’re having tonight, Colin”

Pigeon fans will be relieved to know that “neither a pigeon nor pidgeon were injured in this incident,” as a finance committee spokesman himself confirmed

The committee wishes to confirm that no pigeon or pidgeon was injured in this incident https: // tco / emQY43hoK2

The research advisor was commended for handling the unexpected interruption Frew commented, “You’ve kept your composure the whole time – amazing”

He later confirmed the moment online and tweeted a picture of his cat with the caption, “Proud moment in which cat owns”

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News – UK – Man named Colin Pidgeon catches pigeon during Government Zoom meeting