News – UK – Microsoft’s upcoming predictive text feature will be released in March


Are you writing an article for your blog site? The new feature, launched by Microsoft Corporation in March, can help you write the company’s upcoming update to text prediction ensures your final draft is free of grammar and spelling mistakes

In a report from Tech Radar, the “Word for Windows: Text Predictions” was added to the Microsoft 365 roadmap with its status saying it is currently under development while its release as “March CY2021” is written “Above Additionally, Word, Worldwide, Desktop, and General Availability have been specified in the Products column, indicating that they may be made available on the following platforms

In September 2020, the Redmond company pointed out context-based word prediction aimed at those using the Internet in North America during its beta test on MS Word, MS 365 and MS Outlook

At the time of writing, the multinational tech giant stated that it aims to provide users with a smooth writing process through a fast and accurate text prediction feature

This feature will save you more time and effort in writing, leaving you plenty of time editing your articles for blogs, dissertations, and other academic purposes

For the tool, Microsoft Word can be your go-to stop on your journey Expect your typing to be much better at the start of the feature than it was before you can just click the tab to enable the text prediction feature If you want to turn it off, press the Esc key

If you have a different writing style that you think does not fit this function, do not worry The function adapts to the usual spelling In addition to the time-saving advantage, also say no to grammatical errors and simple spelling mistakes

According to a report by PCMag, the company wants you to get back on track with ease in writing The text prediction feature is based on the machine learning model that generates multiple suggestions that are closely related to the text in your document.In addition, Microsoft said that You cannot save and view the content However, if it becomes part of the feedback mechanism, it is possible

The company has made the latest update versions of its software consistent. The upcoming feature of Microsoft Word can keep up with the Google Text & tables from Google in terms of functionality However, more details can be compared once they are officially available to the public

More importantly, Microsoft is in line with G Suite, or what is currently known as Google Workspace, when it comes to competition in terms of cloud computing, software tools, and other collaboration software, and it will also be in the next suite of Office’s Enterprise, so users can now get it with a one-time purchase instead of purchasing Microsoft 365 subscription service

The upcoming Office 2021 could bring some improvements compared to its 2019 version, but the company doesn’t have a final announcement as to which upgrades will be in the package

In the meantime, Microsoft has announced that the new package will be valid for five years and that the price will not change during this period

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News – UK – Microsoft’s upcoming Predictive Text feature, which will be available in March