News – UK – Million Pound Pawn: Patek Philippe Owners ‘Can’t Believe’ In Tears of Watch’s True Value


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Million Pound Pawn aired on ITV tonight, following several pawnbrokers from across the country making a tough business in the latest designer item, diamond piece or flashy car Dan Hatfield of Sheffield had the pleasure of meeting with Fran, the owner of a Patek Philippe watch and a set of diamond earrings, to be addressed you searched for 17£ 000 for the items to fund her son’s life-changing surgery. Dan made sure he was buying only real items and consulted several experts for their opinion When he was told that the watch was an original and that the jewel in the earrings was actually diamonds, he was determined to close a deal

Fran explained that she left the Patek Philippe watch from her uncle who won it in a poker game

“He said,” If you ever need money, see how far you can go with it, “she said to Dan

The earrings were her great-grandmothers and she wasn’t sure if the jewels were diamonds or just crystal glass

“I need to take these items with me and do some research,” said Dan As he left, Fran turned to the camera and said, “Do you trust a pawnbroker? Not with your life ”

Dan, on the other hand, quickly summed up the potential of the objects: “Fran wants 2000 pounds for the earrings, one of these diamonds could be 2Be worth a thousand pounds! ”

“My only concern is that Frans Uncle won the Patek Philippe in a card game and there are more fakes than real ones”

The viewers were then informed that watches are among the five largest counterfeit goods in the world 40 million counterfeits are made every year

Dan sat down with a watch expert and said that in order to determine whether the Patek Philippe was genuine, one had to look closely at the bleeding in the print and whether 18 carat gold had been used for the marking dial

“Is it real?” Dan asked and the expert replied, “The movement, the finish on the dial … it’s real

“It’s an incredible piece of technology and you rarely see it in the wild, usually in private collections for years”

For Dan, he was simply interested in profits and sales: “If I invested in this, how fast could I whip it out?”

“Yesterday”, commented the expert, “If anything can be recession-proof or investment-proof, I would use my money for it. It is an incredibly desirable watch and worth a considerable sum”

When the pawnbroker met Fran, he told her the good news and she was amazed: “You are kidding?”

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“The reason my watch expert said it was real is because you can’t fake this movement in the dial,” explained Dan. “It’s a very special model, only a few thousand of which have been made”

For how much Dan wanted to buy it, he said, “I would be ready for 85 for this watch000 pounds to pay ”

Then he turned his attention to the earrings, revealing, “Now we have the earrings. The diamonds are beautiful, clean and old-fashioned. Right now this type of cut is very popular”

“You tell me it’s diamonds?” Asked Fran and Dan confirmed that it was. “The price I want to offer you for this is 70000 pounds “

Fran signed the papers and left the building for £ 155Then Dan turned to the camera and said, “That was a good deal for me, glad to get it over the line for Fran I made a pretty decent profit”

Someone behind the camera asked, “How much did you make?” And he closed it: “I’m not telling you”

Viewers were divided over the deal, saying Fran could have gotten more money if she had taken the item to an auction house

On Twitter one said, “I bet this watch is worth a million, I can’t believe she didn’t check it out for herself #millionpoundpawn”

Fran spoke about appearing on the show, which was filmed in August just before the second national suspension in England

She said, “They came over and filmed my house in Beggarwood – all the neighbors were at their windows!

“Then I went to Sheffield to meet the pawnbroker and find out how much the watch was worth”

When asked what her favorite part about Million Pound Pawn is, Fran said to Basingstoke Gazette, “I met a really good friend. Pawnbroker Dan is a friend for life. We connected immediately and I would say he is one of the nicest men I have ever met ”

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News – GB – Million Pound Pawn: Patek Philippe owner in tears of the watch’s true value ‘Can’t believe it’
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