News – UK – Minister sets target date to get all Welsh students back in the classroom


Education Secretary Kirsty Williams said she would like all students to be back in schools after the Easter break – but she didn’t promise a full return at the start of the summer semester

Ms. Williams announced on Monday the 22nd February, the Welsh Government’s coronavirus briefing, saying it was their preference to have all students at the start of the summer semester on Dec. April back to school in Wales

But Ms. Williams said she has not yet confirmed her continued return to school in Wales All she said was that before the Easter break, which ended on Jan. March start, I’ll share more details

The prospect is that many children in Wales will not return to school until more than a month after the children return to school in England – as of Aug. March happens

Ms. Williams said she would make no promises because she had to follow scientific advice on the spread of the coronavirus

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She said a slow and cautious approach is in line with European policy and is the right way to ensure that the public’s work to get the coronavirus under control is not jeopardized

“We’re going to focus on what the public health situation allows us to do if we can go faster I’ll be grabbing this with both hands,” said Ms. Williams

The youngest elementary school children in the founding phase, ages 3 to 7, started returning to school this week

Ms. Williams confirmed that all elementary school children aged 15 and over Would be back in the classroom if this went well. She also said that children in exam years – 11 and 13 Class – then would return

She said, “We will confirm the situation for other learners before the Easter break, but I can tell you that my preference is to bring all learners back to school after this break, I promise to provide more details on what this will look like if i can do this “

She said the return of the youngest students to the classrooms this week has been good and all elementary school age children from age 15 March would return

She said, “If conditions continue to improve over the next three weeks, we can see that all of our elementary school age children are aged 15 and over March back to their classroom

“At the same time, we would also like to see those in school ages 11 and 13 and those with similar qualifications in colleges capable of relearning face-to-face in a safe and flexible manner

“If possible, we would like to give flexibility to other learners, e.g. B. the 12th Grade and 10 Class that may have been registered for qualifications this summer “

The start of school return in Wales comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to tell MPs that all students of all years from age 8 March can return to the classroom in England, with extracurricular sports and outdoor activities also allowed to restart

The infection rate across Wales is 83 per 100000 inhabitants, based on the seven days leading up to the 15th February The infection rates have fallen to a level not seen since September

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News – UK – Minister sets target date to get all Welsh students back in class