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After The Miz’s shocking money in the bank to win the WWE Championship in the Elimination Chamber last night, WWE has announced the return of Miz and Mrs, the reality show starring The Miz and his family Miz and Mrs will be returning to WrestleMania on Monday for the second half of their second season, and the show will now air immediately after WWE Raw, which should be the perfect introduction

A press release from WWEcom has more details on what to expect from the show when it returns:

The Mizanins are back for more mizchief, chaos, and madness! “Miz & Mrs”returns on Monday the 12th April, at 1110 p.m. back while the second half of season two continues, now after Monday Night Raw

“Miz and Mrs”gives an exclusive glimpse into the luxurious lifestyle of The Miz, Maryse and their eccentric family

Over the next six episodes, Mike and Maryse are celebrating an anniversary, fearful of pregnancy, and considering joining a country club While that’s usually more than enough for a family to navigate, their mothers decide they should up to date, Mike creates a man’s cave and helps his dad find a hobby, and Maryse launches her volition Beauty Yaupon Tea Glow-Awakening moisturizer

The only question is whether The Miz will still be WWE Champion after WrestleMania It seems unlikely, especially since Miz appeared to be preparing for a WrestleMania match with Bad Bunny before last night’s cash-in due to the events in Elimination Chamber Last night, it seems more likely that Miz will drop the belt so McIntyre and Bobby Lashley can fight for WrestleMania April isn’t the champion, so announcing a feud with multi-platinum recording artist Bad Bunny should give Miz and Mrs a profile boost on both occasions

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News – UK – Miz and wife will air on WWE Raw when they are on Jan. April return
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