News – UK – Mom gets a “disgusting” amount for the old watch to pay for the treatment of the disabled son


Single mom Fran fears losing her son if she doesn’t get help soon, then discovers that her valuables are worth a’ life changing ’cause’ amount of million pounds of pawns

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Running out of time to save her disabled son, Fran Sawyer reluctantly decided to sell her things to a pawnbroker

The single mother of two looks after her 16-year-old son full time, who has to see a nerve specialist before it’s too late

Fran’s son was born with cancer and weighed only 3 pounds while the tumor on his back was 6 pounds The doctors feared he would not be older than 7 years

“It was so difficult for him. Now he’s 16 and I can help him. This help has to be soon or I’ll lose him,” says Fran, who needs money to take her son to a nerve specialist >

Fran was married to a businessman and owned a 3 acre house with chauffeurs and 17 horses, but after the divorce had difficulty looking after her disabled son

Now Fran is hoping to give her son a better quality of life with her “Pot of Gold”, a watch she inherited from her uncle, and some jewelry, but the stakes are so great.

She turns to third-generation pawnbroker Dan, who runs one of the many companies that turn people’s possessions into cash

Most people have the image of a pawnbroker as a dingy street shop, but the landscape has changed and they are now trading in helicopters, yachts and supercars

As the second oldest profession, pawnbrokers earn money by buying valuables and reselling them at a profit

They also pay to borrow items and make money through interest, but the catch is if you can’t repay the money, those assets will be sold and the pawnbroker will get your money back

It’s a lifeline for people who are wealthy and poor in money, but Fran admits, “Pawnbrokers, we all need them because you never know but I wouldn’t trust them as far as I throw them could be “

Fran wants to sell a luxury Patek Philippe watch she received from her uncle, which he won in a poker game, and a set of earrings

She is expecting 15000 pounds for the watch and 2£ 000 for the earrings, but pawnbroker Dan is concerned they might not be the right one

If they’re real, the money she’s asking could be life changing for Fran, but with the fake watch market booming, Dan needs expert advice or he could be massive out of his pocket

Watch expert Josh explains that 40 million fakes are made every year, but the one her Uncle Fran gave is “without a doubt” the real one

He tells Dan that this incredibly desirable watch is “recession-proof” and worth a sizable sum of money

The worried and nervous mother is hoping for 17However, £ 000 to fund her son’s life-changing surgery, admits she fears that her items will be worth much less

But she gets a shock when the pawnbroker Dan explains that she has a very special watch model – with only a few thousand ever made

Frans Kiefer falls to the floor when Dan reveals that he is ready for a staggering 85 for her watch000 pounds to pay

Fran wipes her tears away and says: “This will help a lot because I have been struggling with my sick boy for 16 years. That would only be life-changing for us”

That doesn’t stop there though, as there is still the little thing about the earrings that contain an old diamond cut that is incredibly popular

Dan offers Fran a whopping 75000 pounds for the earrings, which were kept in a jewelry box for 12 years for a total of 155000 pounds means

“No way, it just didn’t go in. Great, I’m overjoyed I’m actually pretty bad,” admits the emotional Fran

“He’s sitting there smiling with white teeth I think, ‘What is he up to?]? ‘I felt like I was going to pass out and cry, I just can’t believe it, this won’t happen to me “

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Fran not only pays her son’s medical bills, but also celebrates with a kebab and four beers on the weekend as a reward

While Dan remains very cautious about how much he will make from the deal and does not reveal the full amount

“One of the best aspects of a PB is telling someone that their item is worth so much more than they thought they were,” he says

“The look on her face is priceless I still make money out of it, but it’s priceless “

“Are 155000 pounds a good deal for me? It’s a good deal I’m happy to get it across the line for Fran I made a decent profit too “

The first episode of this new ITV series pulls back the curtain on the pawnbroker world amid the current economic crisis, telling the story of both pawnbrokers and the people who want to part with their precious possessions

With over a million pounds worth of assets flowing through the hands of UK pawnbrokers every day, there is no way of planning what valuables might come through the door

The series opens the door to this fast-paced and often lucrative industry and tells the story of people with unbelievable wealth and breathtaking stakes for both the owners and the pawnbrokers trying to close the deal and make a profit

With unforgettable characters, heartwarming stories, and a range of incredible assets, this series will reveal the emotional and financial stakes in the often hidden world of the pawnbroker

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News – GB – Mom gets a “disgusting” amount for old watches to pay for the treatment of a disabled son