News – UK – Most companies now fear an attack on the nation state


A majority of businesses now view government sponsored or guided attacks as a major threat, according to new research from the Economist Intelligence Unit

The study, sponsored by the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, was compiled from interviews with over 500 executives, director level or higher, from companies in the Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States

The study was conducted before the SolarWinds campaign even came to light, yet it still found that 80% are concerned about falling victim to nation-state attack A majority claim these concerns have increased over the past five years

In addition, they would like their respective governments to play a greater role in addressing these challenges: 60% said that their country offers only a medium or low level of protection

“While cyberattacks pose a silent threat, they can have devastating and lasting effects on our societies. With the recent escalation of tensions in cyberspace, government cooperation is becoming more complex as political systems diverge and technological competition increases “, Said Marietje Schaake, President of the CyberPeace Institute

“This survey is an important call for democratic governments to deepen their reflection on the types of cyber support they are providing to protect businesses in key sectors and ultimately the civilian population”

It was worrying that the study also indicated a false sense of security among the executives surveyed, possibly because they had little direct experience with attacks

Over two-thirds (68%) of executives stated that their organization is “very” or “fully” prepared for a cyber attack

Annalaura Gallo, secretariat of the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, said she hoped the survey would start a global conversation on the subject

“This survey shows that companies view government-run and sponsored cyberattacks as a pressing problem that requires governments to act nationally and internationally,” she added

“We need an agreement at the United Nations and the involvement of business and civil society through multi-stakeholder forums such as the Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace”

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News – UK – Most companies now fear an attack on the nation state
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Most companies fear an attack now on the nation state
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