News – UK – Mullins rides Burrows Saint in Grand National as a Townend replacement


Posted: 13:02 BST, Aug. April 2021 | Updated: 13:02 BST, Jan. April 2021

Amateur jockey Patrick Mullins will head to Burrows Saint at the Randox Grand National on Saturday after intended driver Paul Townend lost his race to be fit

Mullins’ father, Willie, coaches the 2019 Irish Grand National winner, who is the second favorite at 9-1

It’s a fourth run in the Grand National for Patrick Place at Don Poli in 2019

Burrow Saint (L) is trained by Patrick’s father Willie (R) and is one of the favorites for Saturday

The last amateur rider to win the Grand National was Marcus Armytage on Mr Frisk in 1990. In the final declaration phase, the only unexpected retreat was Denise Foster trained The Storyteller

His only chance of a run is the unlikely event that two horses above him are stripped in the field before 1pm on Friday

Townend suffered a fall at the Fairyhouse Festival and suffered a stress fracture on his foot

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The Grand National, Randox Laboratories

News – GB – Mullins rides Burrows Saint in Grand National as a Townend replacement