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TV presenter Laura Whitmore is getting a little girl, according to an exclusive excerpt from her first book

The Bray-born star, 35, has her first child with husband Iain Sterling, whom she married at an intimate ceremony in Dublin last November

In her new book “Nobody can change your life but you” writes the presenter of “Love Island”: “There is a new chapter in my life in the form of a little girl who is growing inside me

“And that scares me. I once swallowed a fly and I was freaked out that there was a living bug in me. A little living person is a whole new level of freaking out. But I’m excited Because there are many good things in the world, there is a lot of potential and I want to raise a child who knows that they have their own story to write ”

She adds: “She is supported and loved, but she is the heroine of her own life, no one else. We are not built to find out everything

“Imagine how boring that would be! But we have the tools and skills to get through anything ”

News of her engagement and subsequent wedding to voice-over star “Love Island” last November was released by a British media organization

The former MTV presenter was therefore keen to control the narrative of her pregnancy after revealing her pregnancy weakness in a shoot with a UK magazine and the baby’s gender in her new book

The title of her debut tape was inspired by the first album she owned as a child, Wilson Philips, and she also describes her life in Bray and her entry into the showbiz world

In the book, however, she also describes some harrowing sexual harassment that she experienced as a younger woman

“When I was 16 my ass was hit at a local club in Ireland and my older cousin Clair, who was with me, pushed the man against a wall and made him apologize to me.” >

“He was shocked. He had never received this answer before. That single moment comes back to me every time I feel similarly hurt. Nobody has the right to do this to anyone. My body, my property. Unfortunately, I know that have I experienced such behavior repeatedly ”

She said when she first moved to London in her twenties, someone “punched me in the ass before I got on a bus”

“I made lewd remarks that yelled at me every time I walk past a group of men alone, my stomach knots and I keep my head down because I’m worried about them screaming something and embarrassing me I am by no means a weak woman I consider myself a strong person

“But sometimes I feel like I have to choose my battles and sometimes I have the feeling – like in this club – what is it about?” Sometimes timing is all about waiting until you feel strong enough and protected to speak up Sometimes do you have just enough ”

Divided into nine different chapters, her book shows some of the lessons she has learned throughout her life and how you can take control of your own destiny by becoming more confident

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News – UK – ‘My little girl will be the heroine of her own life’ – Laura Whitmore shows that she has a girl