News – UK – Nr10 Denies Claims Carrie Symonds plays a “central role” in government


Downing Street has rejected proposals that Boris Johnson’s fiancée Carrie Symonds would play a “central role” in the government of the country

The Prime Minister’s press secretary Allegra Stratton called such allegations “false” and pointed out that Symonds is on maternity leave and will take on a new position as communications director for the Aspinall Foundation

It came after the Bow Group, a Tory think tank, requested an investigation to determine its role in the “government” of the UK amid concerns over its influence in No10

Symonds is into a storm of briefings about a power struggle between rival factions in No. 1 implicated10 after two of her allies, Baroness Finn and Henry Newman, were appointed key advisers on Downing Street

Her appointments were followed last week by the resignation of former Vote Leave employee and Dominic Cummings ally Oliver Lewis as head of No10’s union unit alleges the prime minister accused him of telling journalists about Symond’s ally Newman

Key Johnson’s advisor, Lord Frost, who had worked closely with Lewis on the Brexit negotiations, was also surprisingly promoted to cabinet when the power struggle unfolded last week

When asked about the Bow Group’s suggestion that Symonds play a “central role in running the country, without authority or accountability,” Stratton told reporters, “It is wrong. The Prime Minister’s fiancée is on maternity leave, she is raising her son Wilf and will soon take on a new role at the Aspinall Foundation’s Wildlife Charity ”

Stratton also stressed that the prime minister’s focus was on the roadmap to lift the coronavirus lockdown, which he will unveil on Monday

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News – UK – No10 rejects allegations Carrie Symonds plays a “central role” in government
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