News – UK – ONS Labor Market Figures February 2021 – Unemployment rate over 5% and almost 200000 young people unemployed for over 6 months – sector reaction


The labor market information from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) was published today (23 February 2021), a day after Boris Johnson publishes his four-step roadmap to restore Lockdown 3

The ONS data is grim, unemployment is up over 5% and there are 730000 less gainfully employed, almost 200000 young people have been unemployed for six months or more

“I know how incredibly tough the past year has been for everyone, and every job lost is a personal tragedy. That’s why I focused on doing everything I can to protect jobs and livelihoods during the crisis “

“In next week’s budget, I will outline the next phase of our employment plan and the support we will provide as the pandemic and recovery progresses”

Stephen Evans, Executive Director of the Learning and Work Institute, responded to today’s latest job market data

“Today’s labor market statistics show that we will live with the economic impact of the pandemic in the coming years. Unemployment has risen to over 5%, and 730The labor market is now stabilizing with layoffs dropping from their peak, but with higher unemployment and three fifths of the decline in employment, young people account for

“The Chancellor must extend the vacation program in next week’s budget to accommodate the easing of restrictions in the Prime Minister’s roadmap, otherwise we risk a new wave of layoffs. He must also invest in job creation and help the 26 Millions of people applying for unemployment benefits to find new work and urgently introducing a youth guarantee for a job, apprenticeship or training offer

“And after years of freezing working age benefits, it is important that the government make the £ 20 universal loan increase permanent to help the households hard hit by the pandemic””

Samantha Windett, Director of Policy at Impetus, replied to the Office of National Statistics’ latest UK labor market statistics:

“Today’s statistics show that almost 200000 young people have been unemployed for more than six months, the highest figure in over four yearsAnd again, young people have seen the largest decline in employment since the beginning of the crisis, with fewer vacancies than a year ago. In addition to the Prime Minister’s timetable, the Chancellor’s budget must be in the urgent support for young people next week

“In June the Prime Minister announced an opportunity guarantee for every young person. Amid a worsening youth employment crisis, we need government action to keep this promiseNo young person should be unemployed for more than six months before gaining access has a meaningful education, training or employment opportunity

“The latest figures from the Kickstart program show that many employers had no choice but to postpone their internships as bans continued to be suspended. Kickstart needs to be extended beyond December to give employers the time to they need to provide employment to thousands of young people ”

“We are now at a crucial moment and the unemployment rate is rising to 51%, all signs point to an impending unemployment crisis. Vacation has been a lifeline for millions of people and has provided much-needed support at a time of seemingly never-ending insecurity.” The reality, however, is that it cannot mask unemployment forever.We need to think differently about how we can help our people and our economy recover from the effects of the coronavirus This means adapting skills to jobs and adapting the supply to the demand in the labor market. The aim here is to get people who have either already lost their job or are in a “vulnerable” job back into meaningful work

“At the heart of any solution must be the recognition of the immense value of transferable skills as people navigate the difficult terrain of turning a profession into an entirely new industry. Government funding for short, harsh skills-building interventions will be key. In addition, employers in growth sectors that are actively recruiting could play a role in the country’s recovery by recruiting from a wider and more diverse talent pool to provide much-needed support to local communities / p>

“We urge the government to give priority to creating long-term solutions to curb unemployment As we move through this crisis and see its real effects unmasked, it is more important than ever to give people the right support and the right one Providing a framework to acquire the skills, advice and access to meaningful employment ”

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News – GB – ONS labor market figures February 2021 – unemployment rate over 5% and almost 200000 young people unemployed for over 6 years months – sector reaction
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ONS Labor market figures February 2021 – unemployment rate over 5% and almost 200,000 unemployed young people