News – UK – Outrage in India over recent honor killing when father beheaded daughter after finding her with a man


Outrage over so-called honor killings in India was rekindled after a father who found his daughter in a “compromising position” with a man severed her head with an ax – and then took him to his local police station

The man was walking through the streets of Hardoi district in northern Uttar Pradesh with his daughter’s head, confessed to what he had done on arrival at the train station and was arrested, police said

Superintendent Anurag Vats told the Thomson Reuters Foundation, “The man said he saw his daughter in a compromising position with a man and beheaded her in a fit of anger”

Shocking images of him carrying the 17-year-old girl’s head through the streets of Uttar Pradesh were shared online, again calling for the introduction of laws specifically dealing with so-called honor killings

Madhu Garg, vice president of the Uttar Pradesh branch of the All India Democratic Women Association, said: “The issue of suffrage deserves immediate attention and a separate law should be enacted to deal with honor killings”

Human rights groups say that thousands of women and girls in South Asia and the Middle East are killed each year by family members who are angry about the perceived damage to their “honor”

Perceived crimes can be eloping, fraternizing with men, or any violation of strictly conservative values ​​regarding women

Last month, a woman was burned alive by her family members for an interfaith relationship in Uttar Pradesh, local media reported, citing police officers

India officially recorded 24 honor killings in 2019, but activists say government statistics on honor killings show the true extent of the crime, with women at higher risk than men

Almost 70% of honor killings in India are women, according to Arockiya Samy Kathir, founder of the nonprofit campaign group Evidence, which has been working on honor killings in South India for years

In 2018, the Indian government urged all states to set up special cells made up of police officers and social workers and a 24-hour hotline to help couples facing harassment or seeking protection

High-profile cases of violence against women in India have sparked mass protests in recent years, although many of them are unrelated to honor killings

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Vaccine side effects are up to three times more likely to occur in people previously infected with coronavirus, new figures show the latest data from King’s College ZOE app, which details more than 700000 vaccinations recorded, found that people with a previous infection were far more likely to report side effects than people who did not have the virus. The difference between the two was particularly pronounced in those who received the Pfizer shock. More serious side effects are often a sign of better immunity, and recent research suggests that just one dose of vaccine gives two doses a similar protective effect in people with a previous infection. Experts have now begun to wonder if people with previous immunity to a natural infection need a second dose at all. Data shows that 122 percent of people reported side effects after their first Pfizer shock, but that increased to 35.7 percent of patients with a previous infection For the Oxford / AstraZeneca jab, 319 percent of people reported symptoms after their first vaccine and increased to 527 percent d he those previously diagnosed with the virus Most people reported muscle pain, lightheadedness, or headache

Billboards appeared in Scotland’s three largest cities on Friday urging Nicola Sturgeon to “step down” after saying she would refuse to quit, even if an investigation found she had the ministerial code in the Alex Salmond scandal had broken The news “#ResignSturgeon” appeared on electronic billboards in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen as part of a campaign by unionist groups The Majority and Scotland Matters. It was also featured on an aerial banner over the Scottish Parliament and city center Edinburgh and later flown over Glasgow city center The majority said they represent “the silent majority” of Scots who are “angry and frustrated with Nicola Sturgeon’s gimmicks” Alan Sutherland of Scotland Matters said: “We urge the First Minister to do the right thing for Scotland: to resign and focus on recovering from the pandemic” It has done great damage to our country and the reputation of Parliament both at home and abroad inflicted by having had an unworthy, very public argument with her former SNP colleague while preventing the Salmond investigation from seeing evidence that is vital to a proper investigation””

Boris Johnson has accused Brussels of jeopardizing global efforts to fight the Covid-19 pandemic when France signaled it could follow Italy and block AstraZeneca vaccines leaving the EU Downing Street suggested the European Commission rejected its previous commitments after accepting Italy’s request, 250000 shocks destined for Australia to prevent leaving the country A “frustrated” and “disappointed” Australia has also called for a review of the decision and asked Brussels for assurances that future vaccine shipments will take place. widespread export controls are in place, requiring manufacturers to seek permission from national authorities and the Commission to export vaccines outside the bloc.It has already led France to threaten similar measures as member states try to catch up with other nations to discontinue their vaccination programs The Commission’s chief spokesman defended the move on Friday, saying it was necessary to send a “message” to AstraZeneca for failing to meet its contractual goals with the bloc. He added: “The EU continues to be a world leader Vaccine suppliers In the period from 30 January to 1 On March 17th, 174 export applications under the regulation were approved by the Member States ”

It remains unclear whether the former president gave his son-in-law the boot from his political circle or whether the 40-year-old took a break

In an interview with FRANCE 24, UK&nbsp, Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi said the country hopes to be able to offer vaccinations to all adults by the end of July  He also discussed the slow roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccines in France and the controversy surrounding the AstraZeneca shocks in Europe

Staycation prices in vacation hotspots this year a third higher. When can I go on vacation? What Med Travel Destinations Will Look Like This Summer Countries That Are Already Introducing Vaccination Passes Sign up for the Telegraph Travel newsletter Passengers traveling overseas from England are required to fill out a travel declaration form from Monday and carry with them Airlines, ferry companies and train operators are required by law to state on their websites that the document must be completed before they travel, and they will then check that the passengers do Fill out the form before boarding Individuals who have not done so may not be allowed to participate in the service they have booked Anyone attempting to travel overseas by the police as for reasons that are currently prohibited will be asked to return home and it there is a risk that he will receive a solid fine for violating non-essential travel rules These fines start at £ 200 and double for each incident You can go up to a maximum of £ 6400 go This measure is a “necessary step to protect the public and our world-class vaccination program,” Interior Minister Priti Patel told Parliament in January However, the details weren’t released until Friday, about 40 days after they were announced.The form is not required for travel within the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, according to the government’s Outbound Travel Guidelines of the decentralized administrations Other border rules Foreign public holidays are currently prohibited under the blocking laws and will be carried out from England – at the earliest on December 17th May – Allowed All travelers returning to England are subject to a 10-day quarantine Arrivals from redlisted countries must be up to £ 1Pay 750 to stay at a specific hotel Scroll down for the latest travel updates

The Charity Commission is conducting a review of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s philanthropic organization that The Telegraph may reveal to The Telegraph Well-placed sources have told The Telegraph that the watchdog is investigating how the Sussex Royal has been run and whether it complies with Charity Act The “Regulation and Compliance Case” addresses concerns about the charity before the royal couple decided to close it after moving to America last July. A Charity Commission spokesman said, “Our legal compliance case is Not yet concluded We can’t comment any further “It came when the latest teaser clip from the couple’s Oprah Winfrey interview was released, which will air Sunday night in the US and Monday in the UK, in which the Duchess said it was feeling “liberating” to be able to speak and accused the royal F amilie to effectively choke her and take away that choice

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Nadine Dorries said the £ 6 a week pay increase for nurses was all the government could afford, despite spending £ 37 billion on the criticized testing and tracing system

A Sage member said the UK is approaching what will be “a lot more like the flu” and added that “we are getting back to normal”

The Duchess of Sussex is a woman who fell in love with a man That’s it. Unfortunately, that man was a British prince

Nicola Sturgeon was optimistic that the rules for outdoor meetings will soon be relaxed and Scottish football fans will be allowed to Hampden to see the national team at this summer’s European Championships as the number of daily Covid cases hit its lowest level since September The First Minister said she was interested in “getting more potential for seeing loved ones” and will provide more details in Holyrood on Tuesday next week 498 cases in the last 24 hours – the lowest daily total since Jan. She said there could be an announcement about “relatively minor but important changes to the rules regarding our ability to meet people outdoors and also how young people are able to interact with friends outdoors” The Scottish Government’s updated plan for getting out of lockdown states that a plan to allow four people from two households to meet outdoors is unlikely to happen before Jan. March will begin, with the same date given for the resumption of outdoor non-contact group sports for 12 people -17 year old Ms. Sturgeon also said she was confident to be in Hampden to see Scotland at Euro 2020, the first international tournament of the Cheering teams for 22 years “I really hope so and nobody wants Scotland to lose the euro and I don’t think we should now be able to believe they do,” she said >

Police seized a £ 170000 Lamborghini owned by Everton’s midfielder Abdoulaye Doucouré after he was caught driving the car through north London without insurance, a court heard Doucouré was “shocked” when he showed the speed cannon as the Bromley magistrates heard what followed Suggested he was confused because his French car’s speedometer is in km He was then stopped in his wife’s Lamborghini Urus in Dartmouth Park Hill on July 7th while driving without insurance

Despite “amnesty” for undocumented people receiving vaccines, more needs to be done to prevent the hostile environment from jeopardizing the continued success of vaccine adoption, says the bipartisan watchdog

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News – GB – Outrage in India over the recent honor killing when the father beheaded the daughter after finding her with a man