News – UK – Peter on Coronation Street fears Carla affair after misunderstanding


Peter Barlow from Coronation Street was convinced that his partner Carla Connor would, after today’s double calculation (22 February) had an affair. He overheard a conversation with Weatherfield newcomer Lucas Kempton

On the first episode of the night, Carla (Alison King) had to step out of the couple’s planned curry night after Lucas (Glen Wallace) told her she would have to travel to Harrogate for an underworld deal to meet

At first, Peter (Chris Gascoyne) was angry with her and insisted that she should tell him sooner rather than later, if she would rather work than spend time with him. Later, Ken (Bill Roache) managed to persuade Peter , and he went to the factory to surprise Carla with some flowers

As he walked into the office, Peter overheard Carla talking to Lucas, who – although he had stopped by before their pitch to discuss sales strategy – had just switched the conversation to Carla’s relationship with her ex-husband / p>

Peter listened at the door and heard Lucas ask Carla, “Are you telling me that you are happier here with your alcoholic friend?”

“It’s none of your business,” she snapped back when Lucas replied, “Then I’ll take that as No Come on, be honest, for a change if you’d push a button that brings you right back for the first time than You met Peter, would you have followed him anyway?

“If you only knew what you know now, would you still have chosen this path?” He asked when they had met a few years ago in Devon and how “different” she looked then

After Carla admitted that she would not have chosen him if she had known then what she knew now, her confession devastated a listening Peter who stormed quickly

However, that just meant he missed the part of Carla and Lucas’ chat in which she told him she loved Peter and would never give up on him despite his mistakes

In episode two, tensions between Carla and Peter only worsened when Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) managed to convince Carla to have a drink with her and instead send Sarah to meet, which later led to that a tipsy Carla lied to Peter when she found out she was still going to Harrogate

Peter soon discovered Carla’s Fib after his nephew Adam (Sam Robertson) at NrI told him Sarah had gone to the meeting at Carla

After Carla made sure she was keeping her night of drinking a secret from Peter – and thought if she smelled like alcohol he’d have a hard time – she finally avoided Peter’s call

When Peter called Carla a second time, however, she answered – but when Peter heard Daisy giggle in the background, he wondered who Carla was with for fear that she might have an affair

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News – GB – Peter from Coronation Street fears Carla affair after misunderstandings