News – UK – Queens pol: Albany to hold hearings on COVID nursing home scandal


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Fox News employee Marc Thiessen and the democratic strategist Richard Goodstein burden the controversy in “Fox News @ Night”

A Senator from Queens is demanding special hearings from lawmakers on the coronavirus nursing home scandal that has gripped the government Andrew Cuomo – separate from an ongoing federal investigation

Aside from allegations that the administration covered up reports of deaths in COVID-19 nursing homes, Sen Leroy Comrie wants to respond to allegations that COVID-19 positive residents of a veterans home in his district in southeast Queens have received experimental drug cocktails without consent

“We need to get to the truth. Apparently mistakes have been made. We want a full disclosure of what the hell happened A to Z,” said Comrie

New York Gov Andrew Cuomo speaks during a press conference on Friday, February 19, 2021, in Albany, NY
(New York Governor’s Office via AP)

“Personally, I urge lawmakers to hold hearings on nursing home mayhem It’s a mess of that no doubt we need to drill down to find out what happened so it doesn’t happen again “

Comrie said the COVID-19 nursing home scandal is a full blown crisis that has shaken public confidence

He said many voters in his district tell him they will not send their loved ones to nursing homes, despite the Cuomo government deliberately holding back the full number of residents who have died from the virus for months

LEGAL EXPERTS WARN NEW YORK GOV CUOMOS Foster Home Scandal May Rise To Federal Injury LEVEL

The FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn have opened an investigation into Cuomo’s COVID-19 task force, reportedly following the disclosure of private statements through the Post by Secretary of Governor Melissa DeRosa

During a Feb Speaking to a virtual meeting with Democratic lawmakers, DeRosa said Cuomo’s team had withheld from them and the public the total number of nursing home residents killed by COVID-19 due to an upcoming Justice Department investigation, and feared the data “was used against us would be “and” we froze “

The next day, she said the administration was working together to provide information to the government – but not to the legislature or the public

The Cuomo government released a more detailed and accurate count of COVID-19 deaths related to nursing home residents only after a stinging report from Attorney General Letitia James According to estimates by state officials, deaths of state officials have fallen by 50 percent

Cuomo officials had released only the number of nursing home residents who died in long-term care facilities – but thousands of infected residents who died in hospitals were excluded

A judge earlier this month also ordered Cuomo and his health department to release the full number of deaths and ruled they broke the law by making a legal request for the data submitted by the Empire Center for Public Policy for the Refused information

More than 13600 nursing home residents were killed by COVID-19, the data showed – about 5000 more than the Cuomo government reported a few weeks ago had assisted living facilities, according to updated government data

Comrie called nursing home residents “people who made our lives on earth” and should be treated with dignity and respect

“We need to restore trust and integrity in nursing homes. We need to restore trust in our healthcare system,” said Comrie

“We need to make sure the residents are not exploited or experimented. We need to take protective measures before the next crisis occurs,” he said

He is particularly outraged by the alleged treatment of residents of the state St Alban’s Veterans Home More than 60 residents received experimental drug cocktails made from hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin without the consent of patients or families – their relatives reported on the news site The City

“We need to know the truth. The governor should lead the indictment. I don’t understand why he is not doing everything possible to restore confidence in the nursing homes, especially the veterans’ homes,” Comrie said

“The governor should make sure people have confidence in the safety of nursing homes The governor needs to come out with a clear voice”


MP Ron Kim (D-Queens), who accused Cuomo of threatening the destruction of his political career in a heated personal phone call about the scandal – the governor denied it – supported Comrie’s demand for legislative hearings , particularly with regard to drugs at veterans’ homes

“Well I agree with him 100% DOH says they didn’t know, but at this point we can’t trust them,” Kim said on Sunday

Health Commissioner Howard Zucker is due to testify Thursday during a legislative budget hearing

In a statement on Sunday, a state health department spokesman insisted that “Claims that the Department of Health participated in hydroxychloroquine experiments on residents of New York State Veterans Homes are simply not true”

“No veterans home resident was ever part of a government-sponsored study of this drug, it was used only as a treatment, not as part of an experiment In the early days of this pandemic, when people were dying, there were no other therapies and hydroxychloroquine seemed the only hope, “said Rep. Gary Holmes

“Patient privacy prevents us from commenting on certain cases, but it has been the practice of veterans’ homes to discuss the use of this therapy with or with patients who were mentally competent Her designated Health Representative or Legal Substitute New York State Veterans Homes had already stopped using this treatment for COVID-19 before the FDA revoked its emergency approval in June 2020 “

Hydroxychloroquine, which has been used to treat malaria, showed early promise for helping patients with coronavirus, but the Food and Drug Administration later warned against using the drug for COVID-19 outside of hospitals or clinical trials because of the risk of serious side effects such as irregular heartbeat and death

A study of 368 male veterans with the coronavirus published last month found that 28 percent of patients given hydroxychloroquine and usual medical care died – compared to 11 percent who were currently receiving routine treatment >

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News – UK – Queens pol: Albany to hold hearings on COVID nursing home scandal
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