News – UK – Rafael Nadal shrugs off the fan’s rude gesture to march into the third round of the Australian Open


World No. 2 Rafael Nadal showed no signs of a back injury lowering his hopes of a 21st Grand Slam record title threatened in the third round of the Australian Open

Nadal missed last week’s ATP Cup due to a minor back complaint, but his movement did not appear to be hindered or restricted during his routine 6-1, 6-4, 6-2 win over American qualifier Michael Mmoh

The only thing that threatened to disrupt Nadal’s focus and progress was the behavior of a single viewer at the end of the second set

The game was briefly interrupted when a vocal – and apparently drunk – fan shouted and made a rude gesture in Nadal’s direction, why the Spaniard replied, “What, me?”

When the spectator was escorted from the Rod Laver Arena, a much amused and smiling Nadal recovered to send off a few aces and finish the second set

In the third it was still a one-way street as the second seed marched calmly into the next round, where he will face the British Cam Norrie

Nadal smiles wryly after sending a double fault and giving Mmoh a free point. The Spaniard quickly recovers with a few solid groundstrokes to quickly score two match points

He wasted the first, firing a long forehand but locking it up on the second as Mmoh hits the middle. A solid and complete performance from Nadal NADAL BEATS MMOH 6-1, 6-4, 6-2, um to reach the third round

Mmoh is doing his best to cause some problems for Nadal from the start but the Spaniard proves things are doing pretty well on the net. The American tries to try his luck on the net at the next point, this time Nadal overtakes him by to set up another breakpoint Nadal shoots far with a service return for Deuce, but soon gets another chance at a breakpoint

This time he comes over the line with a forehand winner. He will come out and serve for the match NADAL BREAKS

Nadal is clearly pondering what to have dinner after that match as he races through another service game, the one who loves to cement the break

Mmoh shows soft hands on the net to bring home a winner But it goes from good to ugly as a double fault returns the initiative to Nadal with two more breakpoints in this game

Nadal doesn’t miss this opportunity, he shoots a forehand winner past the net who attacks Mmoh, and the Spaniard approaches the third round of NADAL BREAKS

in every game

Nadal is now rushing through his duty games, trying to save his energy for the later rounds, sending a double on a 40-0 cruise and then being pushed on the back foot with a deep return from Mmoh and hitting the middle But Nadal finds his range and focus again at the next point with a backhand winner down the line

Thanks again to Mmoh for his fighting skills, fending off a few more breakpoints, the second with a blistered forehand deep into the corner

The American continues to focus on steering the game with a solid helping of Still a long way from here

Comfortable grip again for Nadal, who shows no signs of a problem with his back. His forehand caught fire in this match

Mmoh shows a good reaction early in the third round, battling two breakpoints before making a pretty great catch-up on the net, good turn by the American

Mild amusement everywhere when a few fans in the crowd, talking loudly, hold up the trial in court

It seems like a bystander on the beer front has spoiled themselves excessively, and now security has been called to deal with the vocal fan

The drama is dealt with temporarily and back to the action where Nadal keeps his focus and sends a booming ace down

Nadal smiles when the action returns to the stands and the loud fan finally marches out of the arena Again Nadal sends another ace He really is a machine Now three set points and a third ace of the game are enough from NADAL WINS SECOND SET

What on earth woman gives Nadal the finger, Nadal laughs about it Referee Fergus Murphy: Thank you, madam, you hold EVERYONE upWoman booed and thrown pictureTwittercom / Jd3w3UaPf6

Nadal ever shakes his head after missing a regulation. A few more mistakes give Mmoh a light grip and the coach walks out onto the court to see a few blisters making the American uncomfortable

Comfortable stop to make love to Nadal Push Mmoh right back while he stays on the second set

A powerful and deep blow from Nadal keeps Mmoh behind the baseline as he threatens US serve again

An ace gets Mmoh out of trouble at 30, but all he can do is stand and stare at the net while Nadal chases a wayward drop shot and the Spaniard drills into the empty space Mmoh sends an ace to keep fighting, and is then grateful to watch a forehand from Nadal’s country on the tram lines. A short break

Nadal groans for the first time as he drills a forehand into the corner that Mmoh can’t control Another comfortable grip and it looks like a game to Mmoh

Nadal half clenches his fist when Mmoh hits a forehand for a long time to present the Spaniard with two breakpoints

It’s a sloppy service game by Mmoh when the adrenaline picks up and he takes another bash in It’s One Way NADAL BREAKS

Mmoh gets a great height off the baseline to bring pace and strength to his basic strokes, but Nadal continues to let the American play a shot again, hold comfortably again The crowd is doing their best to lift Mmoh’s spirits and this into a competition to make

Better to play from Mmoh as he takes command of the net with an overhead smash to hit the game point at 40-15. An ace in T ensures a comfortable grip and helps his confidence

Sloppy from Nadal at the start of his opening game on set, who threw the first of the game in doubles

But the Spaniard dictates the pace of this clash in the second round by adding the pace to the shots when needed, forcing Mmoh to go deeper with his returns, and drawing the mistakes

Mmoh chooses to kick the net after a return, but Nadal walks past him and sends an ace down on his next service deployment, all too easy for the second seed

Good answer from Mmoh, who takes control of his service game and keeps 15 He pushes ahead in the second sentence

Nadal brings some speed into a backhand return, which Mmoh catches a cold on the baseline. The Spaniard only uses his experience and know-how and does not allow Mmoh an inch. After only 27 minutes he reaches two target values ​​It is work on the first try done

Great game of Mmoh from the net to surprise Nadal and secure a crucial point at 15-30 After Mmoh punched a few forehead parts into his body, he turned around and took a perfectly placed drop shot, the much applause from the crowd does not allow Nadal to enjoy the moment, to run to the breakpoint and then secure another break in this set when Mmoh hovers a basic beat NADAL BREAKS SECOND TIME IN THE SET

Few mistakes from Nadal on the forehand side that allow Mmoh to get him to 30. He’s in full swing during the next point, stepping in to send a brief return from his rival and his trusty forehand reversing back to pull the mistake from Mmoh during the next point He consolidates the pause

Nadal presented Mmoh’s serve at 12:30 a.m., the door opened for the first time in this match. The Spaniard uses his experience and draws the American’s mistake to set three breakpoints. He only needs one as he’s nipping a forehand -Cross-Court sends, cutting the tape and securing the break NADAL BREAKS

Nadal doesn’t look too restricted by a back complaint that forced him out of the ATP Cup last week.He moves reasonably freely when he changes his balance and apparently serves without problems.His first ace makes a direct stop

Nadal gives Mmoh the run on the baseline, but fails with his killer baseline when the American goes up 30-0

Confident start of Mmoh as a few solid first serves bring a first game to the board No signs of nerves from the underdog

A long rally opens the proceedings and ends in favor of the white clad American Mmoh as Nadal in bright orange short-sleeved T-shirts that strike for a long time

Nadal, the second seed here, shakes off that slip up to two game points at 40-15 with a solid net game before throwing a forehand into the tram lines

Nadal and Mmoh are going to court and warming up as the time approaches around 10pm in Melbourne, however, the stalls fill up around 6-7000 in the Rod Laver Arena and the roof is closed

World number 2 Rafael Nadal showed no signs of back injuries when he got into today’s second round against the American Michael Mmoh

The Spaniard decided to miss last week’s ATP Cup with a minor injury, but moved well in a routine opening win against Laslo Djere at Melbourne Park on Monday

On paper, the Spaniard is unlikely to compete against the qualifier and the world No. 177 Mmoh Getting In Too Big Trouble Indeed, if the 23 year old gives the shock of all shocks he will be the lowest ranked player to beat Nadal in a Grand Slam

Nadal, who is looking for a record in 21 Major has only lost once to a qualifying game in a Grand Slam when he lost to Dustin Brown in the second round of Wimbledon in 2015

It was a second sucker for Nadal within a month of losing his French Open crown to Novak Djokovic in the quarterfinals, just for his second loss at Roland Garros

Could Mmoh actually repeat the same exploits Brown created on the green lawn of SW19 when the two met on the hard courts of Rod Laver Arena today? The bookies don’t believe that Mmoh, named after NBA legend Michael Jordan, drops 33/1 to get the biggest shock of the tournament so far

It would also be uncharted territory for Mmoh, who has never reached the third round of a major so far. For Nadal, for his last early exit in a Grand Slam, an epic five-set loss to Gilles Muller of Luxembourg, you have to score 16 Starting place to return to Wimbledon 2017

Nadal then fought back after two sets, before Müller won the fifth set 15-13 after a strenuous competition of four hours and 47 minutes

Mmoh can draw on the stories of Brown and Muller and use them as inspiration, but facing Nadal on hard courts is a very different perspective than facing him on grass, as he’ll likely find out at his own expense today

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News – GB – Rafael Nadal shakes off the impolite gesture of the fan into the third round of the Australian Open to enter
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