News – UK – Rolls-Royce Share Price: Have We Seen The Bottom?


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Paul Summers | Tuesday 23 February 2021 | More on: RR

Unlike many UK stocks, Rolls Royce stock (LSE: RR) price didn’t hit its lowest point about 11 months ago during the market crash, in fact, the valuation didn’t bottom out until October 2020

With stocks now appearing to have settled around the 100p mark, can it be said that the company has weathered the worst and the only way is (slowly) up? And having avoided the stocks like the plague since the pandemic broke out, should I exercise caution now?

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Of course, the direction of Rolls-Royce stock price is likely to be largely influenced by the next events in the pandemic, so let’s take a look at the reasons we are optimistic about this

The recent fall in infection rates and the successful launch of vaccines raise hopes for a resumption of international travel. Indeed, Boris Johnson stated yesterday that the 17th May was chosen as the earliest possible date for this, which is still a long way off, but the mere mention of a date should be enough to wow vacationers (and investors) as this will likely boost the stock prices of listed airlines like IAG, Ryanair and easyJet, you’d think Rolls would be -Royce will experience a similar increase through the association

Another reason to believe that stocks could continue to rise in the coming months is that many of my fellow UK investors appear optimistic. Rolls-Royce was the fourth most popular purchase on investment platform Hargreaves Landsdown last week. which have seen more demand, those offering exposure to Bitcoin and the emerging medical cannabis sector!

Of course, the road can still prove to be rocky for Rolls. While Boris Johnson has stated that lifting restrictions would be “irreversible” this time around, he has also made it clear that the coronavirus data passes four tests at all stages of his roadmap must in order not to get banned There is no guarantee that this will be the case

As much as I hate to say it, I think the emergence of a new, more deadly variant of the coronavirus is not out of the question.It would also be incredibly problematic for the FTSE 100 company in a situation like this, any thought of a Air traffic recovery will vanish quickly As a result, Rolls-Royce stock would likely move south again

Maybe that’s why Rolls was seventh on Hargreaves Lansdown’s list of top sales last week

For me, however, the main reason for continuing to avoid Rolls-Royce has not changed and that is the opportunities available elsewhere

At a time like this, I wonder what kind of business will bring me the best return in the long run.Is it one that will still face a huge mountain of debt and operational difficulties after the coronavirus storm ends? Or is it one with solid finances that operates in a less cyclical environment and has a good chance of making a profit without large investments in the years to come? It may even pay a dividend I’m confident it will be the latter

Did we see the Rolls-Royce stock price hit rock bottom? I’m cautiously optimistic But not to the extent that I feel motivated to invest myself

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News – UK – Rolls-Royce stock price: Have we seen the bottom?