News – UK – Ruthie Henshall tearfully as she describes in detail how mother dies out the window in the nursing home series


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Ruthie, 53, spoke to the Loose Women Panel when she admitted she was considering getting a job in a nursing home so she could have contact with her mother during the coronavirus pandemic, visits to facilities for assisted care were made Housing restricted as patients living there were ranked as the most severely affected by the disease in society After just seeing her mother through a window last year, the former ITV reality show contestant became emotional when she saw her thought about being separated from her parents

In last year’s edition of I’m a Celebrity get me out of here! “the stage artist knows firsthand what it is like to be isolated not only from her mother, but from all her loved ones

She was seen getting weepy during her time at the castle, talking many times about missing her children in the outside world

However, when the West End star asked to contact Mother Gloria, he said, “[The last time I saw her was] before I went to the castle [because I’m a celebrity] was I’ll be back in October

“Then they introduced the rule that no more than one person could see you from behind a screen, and that had to be the same person every time

“Because I went into the castle and my other sister is working as a teaching assistant, it fell to my other sister to be the one who went in. I couldn’t see her”

“They took her into an anteroom and I could stand by the window and wave. But I’m shocked, just absolutely shocked and devastated by the shell of a woman I see”

The rules governing public access to nursing homes and future visits have changed in the past few days

As part of the Prime Minister’s Roadmap to Liberate the Nation from Lockdown, a Resident may be visited by a designated person from early March

The visitor must wear full PPE, perform a side flow test and temperature check before seeing their relative

All of this needs to be done despite the fact that nursing home residents are being given the vaccine and visitors are allowed to hold their loved ones’ hands to facilitate social distancing measures

However, Ruthie said of the changes: “The risk is so small compared to the risk that these people will die and I watch my mother …”

The guest got very emotional as she tried to keep talking and was obviously tearful about what she was going to say

“Sorry i watch my mom die out of a window and i’m so sorry to get so emotional but it’s so frustrating because of the decisions made by this government ”

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“I can’t find out what the government is saying half the time, and I think in the years to come we’ll look back at it and think, ‘How did we get this allowed? ‘”Ruthie continued with tears from her eyes

“Not only are they nursing homes, they have no voice,” she added before speaking at length about the Resident Rights Campaign

The West End star stated, “What we can say is that we only ask for two hours a week, two essential family carers, and the passage of the law that enshrines our rights as family carers”

“You will find that the care sector is being decimated”

“People choose not to put their loved ones in nursing homes because they don’t know if they can see them or not. It will be such a nudge”

In happier times with her mother, the guest said, “She was a teacher, an acting teacher and an English teacher I get stopped in my hometown all the time, not because of anything I’m doing, but to say, ‘Your mother taught me and she inspired me’

“I was with the Oliviers for a year and a lady came up to me and said,” Your mother is the reason I’m here with an award ’

“So let’s get back to the wonderful thing that teachers are changing your life, you have the ability to change your life”

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News – UK – Ruthie Henshall tearfully as she detailed how mom in the nursing home row dies out the window