News – UK – Shopkeeper Request to Boris Johnson: “Let’s Open”


The owner of the award-winning Joco said she was nervously waiting for the prime minister’s address to the nation later when he would post the roadmap of the lockdown – even if non-essential stores can be reopened

The independent business boss told Coventry Live that the “worst-case” scenario could not be opened until May

“I heard a long time ago that April is what I was working on If it’s before then then great, if it’s a week after, fine, but by May that would be the worst case. We don’t know how to go on until then, “she said

“I just want to be able to open as soon as we can. We’re ready and ready to go, we miss our customers, we miss seeing them

“The worst is the waiting, there is a lot of pressure and stress, you just can’t plan anything”

The mother of two added, “I had to take all staff on leave, they just want to know when to come back, we have to know when we can get back to some kind of life, it won”Don’t be normal again, we’ll never come back to it, but we need to know when we can all start living again”

The multi-award winning independent retailer said smaller stores are losing preference for supermarkets – and that’s unfair

“Yes most of them (supermarkets) have queuing systems out there but once you get in it’s free for everyone, they’re all rammed,” she said

“How fair is it when I always have six customers at the same time, one-way system and all security measures – but I can’t open it. There is no choice, people either go to the supermarket or go online, independent companies have worked hard to make sure we can safely open, so we should be able to safely open the same thing supermarkets open “

She said that the urgency of the opening is not just for their livelihoods, but also for the future of the city center

“People need to gain confidence to return to the city centers Some may never come back More and more people are shopping online and we need to be able to say, ‘Look, we’re open, we’re safe, come and visit us, “she said

“I am desperately sorry for pubs and restaurants I could still sell things on Facebook Live, but they don’t have that. Beauticians and salons have to be some of the cleanest places – but they can’t open?

Later today (22 February) the Prime Minister will address ministers in Parliament and speak in the House of Commons this afternoon

Then he will address the nation about the Covid-19 crisis directly from Downing Street around 7 p.m.

There have been reports of leaks in his plan, including expectations that the “Rule of Six” will be released from Jan. March to be reintroduced for outdoor gatherings

“I just want to be able to open as soon as possible, we need to be able to open again,” Jo concluded,


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News – UK – Store owner’s request to Boris Johnson: “Let’s open it”