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It’s been quite a year so far for the Walford residents of EastEnders we’ve been giving up secrets, we’ve said goodbye to some characters, we’ve got the end of relationships and the beginning of some new ones quite surprising (yes we’re talking about Kat and Phil)

The next few months are no different as spring in Albert Square will be another season of huge storylines

The Panesars are teaming up with the Mitchells, there are some shock announcements, the return of a familiar face and some newcomers, so we’re here to give you the ultimate guide to what to expect in Walford this spring …

In early February it was confirmed that Maddy Hill will be returning to the show to play Nancy Carter

Nancy has not been in Albert Square for five years and is now married to Tamwar Masood (Himesh Patel), which of course begs the question: why is Nancy back?

Speaking of Nancy’s return, Executive Producer Jon Sen said, “Her return is very puzzling and she is returning to a family that has had a very difficult year – things are definitely not the way Nancy left them Has”p>

While we don’t know exactly when Nancy’s returning scenes will air, we do know they will air in the spring

Another recent casting announcement was that of Brian Conley, who will soon be playing Sonia’s (Natalie Cassidy) long-lost father Terry Cant

Last year Sonia tried to search for her father online but was out of luck so she will surely get a shock when Terry shows up!

Terry is described as the “ultimate people lover” and will feel right at home in Walford But what storylines will be in store for him?

Jon Sen recently gave a hint of what to expect: “We have some wonderful stories in store for him and can’t wait for the audience to see Brian bring him to life”’

Yes, another new face will soon appear in Albert Square as James Farrah takes on the role of the mysterious Zack Hudson

Zack is an unpredictable troublemaker who still suffers from the aftermath of a difficult childhood, and his experiences mean that he never relies on anyone or becomes too clingy

We don’t know much about Zack, but Jon Sen has already said that “trouble is always right around the corner,” so this new face is sure to mess things up in Albert Square

It was recently announced that a funeral is about to be held as Sharon (Letitia Dean) discovers that her father Gavin (Paul Nicholas) has died

Gavin was the abusive man who helped fake Kathy’s (Gillian Taylforth) death, but when he returned he was exposed as Sharon’s father

It remains to be seen what the cause of Gavin’s death is, but with Sharon and Kathy currently disagreeing that Ian (Adam Woodyatt) is missing, attending the funeral together will either help resolve their feud or everything only to make it worse

Aside from the casting announcements and funerals, we’ll also learn more about Isaac (Stevie Basaula) this spring

It’s safe to say that we don’t know much about Isaac right now, but a recent scene between him and Sheree (Suzette Llewellyn) suggested that there was something wrong with Isaac, and in the next few episodes we’ll discover what disease he is hiding

A date with Lola (Danielle Harold) causes Sheree to tell her to withdraw from Isaac, but when the two of them hang out on another date, Isaac decides to reveal his secret, but Lola is shocked

What’s wrong with him? And why did he keep it a secret for so long?

In the Fox household, too, there is the minor issue that Denise (Diane Parish) and Chelsea (Zaraah Abrahams) deal with Lucas (Don Gilet)

It has already been announced that Chelsea were actually planning to place Lucas on a drug use in Ibiza, but now Lucas has discovered their plan He also found out about the serious mess his daughter got into with Caleb (Ben Freeman)

A few weeks ago, when Denise told Lucas about Caleb, he vowed to kill him to save Chelsea, but knowing that if he kills again he would go back inside, will Lucas get his plan through at some point?

Gray (Toby-Alexander Smith) is running out of time as his guilt consumes him after killing Chantelle (Jessica Plummer) and Tina (Luisa Bradshaw-White)

Aside from keeping two people a secret, Gray also tries to manipulate Whitney (Shona McGarty) in whatever way he says Unknown to Whitney, Grey’s plan works slowly, but when he shows up, he beats her after Whitney tells him his kids are with Denise aka the house serial killer Lucas might show up in at any moment

Gray later apologizes to Whitney for losing his cool, but could that allow Whitney to see that Gray is dangerous?

Davood Ghadami’s exit as Kush Kazemi has been in the making for a while, and despite a game story that was arrested and kicked out of the Slater’s house, it is still unknown how Kush’s final scenes will play out

If Kush and Whitney are in a relationship now and Gray gets jealous, could he kill and murder Kush a third time?

Alternatively, with Kush’s upcoming trial, there is a high likelihood that he could be jailed for years for his recent involvement in a shady crime and a suspended sentence for some of Mitchell’s crimes

Another exit from Walford is Stacey’s (Lacey Turner) Once again, viewers knew of Stacey’s exit for a while when Lacey Turner goes on maternity leave

Stacey is currently involved in a feud with Ruby (Louisa Lytton), who is married to Stacey’s ex Martin (James Bye) That feud turns into something that could be fatal after Stacey accused Ruby of faking her pregnancy, but after taking a test both were stunned when Ruby’s test was positive

As the aftermath of Ruby’s fall soon begins the stairs, Stacey feels terrible and blames herself after they had another argument, but if Ruby wants revenge, could she use Stacey’s guilt to her advantage?

Depending on how determined Ruby is to win this feud, could she accuse Stacey of trying to kill her, resulting in Stacey’s final scenes going to jail?

At Christmas, viewers were devastated when Jean (Gillian Wright) discovered a lump on her chest In January, after an intense battle with cancer in 2019, Jean made the decision not to receive any further treatment

Ever since Jean recorded a video telling her family she decided against treatment, she has followed in the footsteps of her late partner Daniel (Ade Edmondson) and adopted life, a new friendship with Sharon closed and was never afraid to tell people what she thought she even stole chocolate from Minute Mart!

If Jean continues to hug life, will she ever tell her family that she thinks her cancer has returned?

Let’s not forget that Jean left the practice before her biopsy, which means she never received confirmation that her cancer had returned, but made sure it was back, but for how long it take time before someone notices that Jean is hiding something?

The Panesar family have not seen the Mitchells closely since they arrived, but when they show up they realize they need to make a name for themselves and come up with a plan to team up with the Mitchells

Kheerat (Jaz Deol) decides to ask Ben (Max Bowden) about his thoughts on becoming a partner, but will Ben agree?

If he does, the Panesars and Mitchells could become a powerful force to be reckoned with

Elsewhere, Ash Panesar (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) was devastated when Iqra (Priya Davdra) decided to break up with her, but it appears Ash has moved on as the chemistry between her and Peter (Dayle Hudson) continues to grow

But after Suki (Balvinder Sopal) had already flirted with Peter, was she able to interfere in his relationship with Ash? Possibly make a plan to make sure they never get together?

Suki and Ash don’t get along in the best of times, and if Suki manages to sabotage her daughter’s hopes for a relationship with Peter, it will definitely have a huge impact on the Panesar family

Billy (Perry Fenwick) was upset when he saw Jay (Jamie Borthwick) and Honey (Emma Barton) kiss and can’t imagine if the two could be together

Although Jay and Honey were reluctant to tell Billy about their relationship, things are going relatively well for them! Honey is happy, something she hasn’t seen in a while after her attack and terrible relationship with Adam, but will Billy ever accept that his ex-wife and Jay are together?

Billy is not one to let Honey go Will he try to split them up, hoping Honey will come back with him?

Mick and Linda (Kellie Bright) were surprised when Max (Jake Wood) announced that he had managed to get the pub back for them

It’s been a difficult few months for Mick and Linda as they tried to adjust to life on the other side of the bar and also dealt with Mick’s child abuse abuse

The news that she could have the pub back couldn’t have come at a better time, and after Sharon Phil (Steve McFadden) said she only had a month left to run the pub it was apparently confirmed that Mick and Linda will return to the place where they were at home for seven years

But if Linda’s reason for leaving was alcoholism, how is she going to return to a place where she can get her hands on alcohol anytime?

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