News – UK – Stephanie McMahon Reveals WWE Plans For Life After Dad Vince Resigns


The company’s chief brand officer admitted that it will be next to impossible for a single person to replace the 75-year-old chairman in the number of roles he fulfills

Speaking to Bloomberg Business of Sports, she said, “I don’t think there will ever be a personal replacement for Vince McMahon”He’s doing too much” The landscape would look different, but it shakes

“But I think it’s a combination of institutional knowledge, incredible production value, intellectual property creation and storylines, and really strong business leaders that are helping us expand”

Stephanie, who is married to legendary wrestler and current manager Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque, also praised her own father’s legacy and work after taking over WWE in 1982

“Think about what he did. He took up a regional company and had a vision to create an organization, nationally and ultimately globally

“Ultimately, he saw the opportunity to really create something that had never been more popular than ever before

Vince’s perspective was always to be a bit ahead of the curve, you never want to be back

“That is why we were one of the first to start our streaming service, the WWE network, five years ago. We have learned a lot from that time”

While fans and insiders have long suspected that Stephanie and Levesque will be heavily involved once Vince decides to step down, her brother Shane McMahon will continue to be involved as a producer

He recently returned to an on-screen role as well and is currently involved in a plot with Braun Strowman that is slated to lead to a match at WrestleMania 37

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News – UK – Stephanie McMahon Reveals WWE Plans For Life After Dad Vince Resigns
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