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The famous symbol of Superman – the’ SFor some, the symbol represents the family crest of the House of El. For others, the symbol means “hope”

The CW has released a new video with the cast of Superman & Lois talking about this symbol and what it means to them Tyler Hoechlin (Clark Kent / Superman), Elizabeth Tulloch (Lois Lane), Alexander Garfin (Jordan ) and Jordan Elsass (Jonathan) all contribute to the new video

The series premiere of Superman & Lois is almost here! The show will air this Tuesday, Nov. February, premiered on The CW … and if you take the time to look around the site you should find all kinds of cool stuff related to the series we saw the first two episodes and it doesn’t disappoint!

Almost the entire cast of Superman & Lois can be seen in a new video from The CW – and when we say “almost all of the cast” we really mean it, as this list is Tyler Hoechlin (Clark / Superman) and Elizabeth Tulloch includes (Lois Lane), Jordan Elsass (Jonathan), Alexander Garfin (Jordan), Wole Parks (The Stranger), Dylan Walsh (General Sam Lane), Inde Navarrette (Sarah Cushing), Erik Valdez (Kyle Cushing) and Emmanuelle Chriqui (Lana Lang-Cushing) As far as we can tell, only Adam Rayner, who plays Morgan Edge, is missing in the new video!

Definitely, there are some funny glimpses from the cast about what the series means to them and of course how perfect Tyler and Elizabeth are in starring them, and we see some clips that may not have been seen before check out watch the video below The series will air on Tuesday evening, Jan. February, on The CW!


A “Daily Planet” inset promoting Superman & Lois is included in today’s issues of the Los Angeles Times

If you are in the Los Angeles area, you may want a copy of the Los Angeles Times issue, Jan. Find February as a section has been wrapped in Daily Planet goodness to look like a copy of the esteemed paper (Well … estimated by the time Morgan Edge gets a grip on it)

The action is of course to promote the series premiere of Superman & Lois on The CW on Tuesday It has two articles that include some Easter eggs, and possibly even some hints of things to come, in fact, this could include our first look at Adam Rayner as Morgan Edge, who makes his debut on the show in Episode 2, although he may briefly be in the pilot too see is … and everything opens up for a new Superman & Lois “poster” that we hope The CW will release digitally!

If you are in L.A. And if you are having trouble finding it, grocery stores may be your safest bet these days as newspaper kiosks are getting harder and harder to find and if you are not in L.A., KryptonSite is there for you, there we scans or Have fun with photos of the sites!

Russ Dimino takes a look at the many talented actresses who have played Lois Lane over the decades

There are two things in this world that can make Superman weak in the knees One is a green, glowing stone that happens to be a radioactive part of his ruined home planet The other is a lively reporter with a nose for news and the initials L.L. For years, Clark Kent has tried to reconcile the fact that Superman is born with his desire to live a normal life with the woman of his dreams, Lois Lane

Lois was there from the start – her first comic book appearance was the same as that of Superman Miss Lane and The Man of Steel both debuted in June 1938 in Action Comics # 1 Clark immediately seemed to have something for Lois he asked her after a date in this first edition!

The first time Lois came to life on screen was in animated form, in the cartoon shorts made by the Fleischer brothers in the early 1940s The Voices of Lois Lane and Superman were in those short films Already known to the audience – Joan Alexander and Bud Collyer also voiced the characters on the popular radio show “The Adventures of Superman”

Viewers got their first two Lois Lanes in a relatively short time. Noel Neill first played Lois in the 1948-1950 Superman series in which Kirk Alyn starred. In 1951, George Reeves made his debut as Superman in “Superman and.” The Mole Men, where Lois was played by Phyllis Coates. Phyllis continued the role for the first season of the television series “Adventures of Superman”. After the opening season, Ms. Coates has chosen not to return, and Ms. Neill returned to the for the remainder of the series Roll of Lois back

Coates and Neill offered very different portrayals of the Lois Lane character.The Phyllis Coates Lois was a much sharper-edged, no-nonsense reporter and one of the few versions who didn’t fall head over heels in love with the Man of Steel when Neill returned to the role in 1953 her version of Lois was a much gentler one, developing a friendship with Clark Kent and an attraction for our hero in blue

Not only did Neill star alongside Alyn and Reeves, but she also appeared in the 1978 film Superman (she and Alyn played Lois Lane’s parents), an appearance on the television series “Superboy,” and she had a small role in Film “Superman Returns Phyllis Coates also had the chance to return to the Superman myth when she appeared in” Lois and Clark “in 1994 and played Lois’ mother in the episode” House of Luthor “”

Next, Superman and Lois would be animated again and Joan Alexander would go back to the role she had played two decades earlier! Joan Alexander and Bud Collyer re-voiced Lois and Clark on New Adventures of Superman (1966-1970) and Superman / Aquaman Hour of Adventure (1967-68). Although Alexander was the main Lois, Julie Bennett joined , the voice of Wonder Girl, in some episodes as Lois on

1978 came the first movie “Superman”, in which Margot Kidder took on the role of Lois Lane. MS Kidder seemed to combine the confident, matter-of-fact reporter from Phyllis Coates with the passed out girl with the eyes of a deer from Noel Neill and this combination Somehow make it seem natural MS Kidder was far from the only actress considered for the role – DVD and Blu-ray extras show screen tests of several other actresses who have tried it, including Anne Archer, Deborah Raffin, Susan Blakely, Stockard Channing and Lesley Ann Warren (MS Warren played Lois in a 1975 TV adaptation of the 1966 Broadway musical “It’s a Bird, It’s an Airplane, It’s Superman”!) Christopher Reeves screen test is also included, being Holly Palance faces him as Lois

Kidder returned for “Superman II” in 1980. This time, Lois learned that Superman and Clark Kent were one and the same, and the two eventually got together at least until the end of the film, when Lois’ memory of the entire ordeal was erased with an amnesia-inducing super kiss.An alternate excerpt from the film by its original director Richard Donner was released in 2006 and featured a variation on the moment Lois discovered Clark’s secret In a scene recreated from Reeve and Kidder’s on-screen tests, Lois Lane shoots Clark Kent to confirm he is invulnerable! (Clark doesn’t immediately notice that the ball was empty)

After an argument with the producers, Kidder’s role in “Superman III” was dramatically reduced. Her screen time for the third episode is only about five minutes, while Annette O’Toole’s Lana Lang becomes Clark’s primary love interest for the film As 1987 ” Superman IV “hit the market, Kid’s stake was bigger again, but she had to rival Mariel Hemingway for Superman’s attention

Ms. Kidder is another Lois Lane who returned for later episodes of the Superman Legend. The fourth season of “Smallville” featured two appearances by Kidder as Dr Bridgette Crosby, envoy from Christopher Reeves Dr Virgil Swann

Lois appeared surprisingly infrequently in the many animated incarnations of “Super Friends” that aired in the 1970s and 80s, likely because the show focused on superheroes rather than secret identities. It was starred by Shannon Farnon, Mary McDonald Lewis and Edna Mayo voiced at various points during these shows (Mary McDonald Lewis sounded pretty much like Margot Kidder, which may have been a factor in her casting)

When the Ruby Spears “Superman” cartoon came out in 1988, Lois’ voice was provided by Ginny McSwain. MS McSwain later became voice director for animated shows such as “Spirit Riding Free”, “Transformers: Rescue Bots” and “VeggieTales.” “”

The next person to take on the role was Teri Hatcher, who played Lois on “Lois & Clark” from 1993 to 1997. This series emphasized the romance between Lois Lane and Clark Kent, with superheroes in at least the first two seasons took the backseat to “will they or won’t they?” Lois eventually falls in love with the farm boy, and not just the hero in blue, and by the start of season three, she gets to the bottom of the mystery while on the show, Teri received the honor of being the most downloaded woman on the internet, for the great Partly due to a picture of her in Superman’s cloak and nothing else. Teri made guest appearances in “Smallville” (a brief cameo as the mother of Erica Durance’s Lois) and “Supergirl” (as Rhea, mother of Mon-El)

1996 Dana Delany Lois spoke for “Superman: The Animated Series” No stranger to comic superheroes, Delany had Andrea Beaumont, Bruce Wayne’s long-lost love, only three years earlier in “Batman: Mask of Phantasm” uttered MS Delany spoke Lois continued during several appearances in the “Justice League” series by Cartoon Network (MS Delany does not have the only voice credit for Lois for “S: TASMae Whitman provided the voice of a young Lois in a flashback in the episode” Monkey Fun “)

When the fourth season of “Smallville” premiered in 2004, Erica Durance first appeared as Lois Lane (This mainly calmed down internet speculation that Allison Mack’s Chloe Sullivan would somehow progress into the character, either through one Nicknames or a new identity to protect witnesses) Originally slated to only make a handful of guest appearances, Ms. Durance’s Lois proved so popular with fans that her role was expanded – first to 13 episodes and eventually to regular series In An Interesting Twist, Lois is “in secret” before Clark actually becomes Superman and actually helps him establish his meek secret identity during the 10th Developing Season And yes, Erica Durance has also continued the tradition of returning to the world of heroes and cloaks in a “Torch-Handing” role: she has played Allura, Supergirl’s mother, on several episodes of CW’s “Supergirl” from season three

In 2006, Superman flew back to the big screen in Bryan Singer’s love letter about the Christopher Reeve films, “Superman Returns,” where Kate Bosworth portrayed Lois Lane who appeared to have moved away from Superman after a five-year absence from Earth Superman came back to find that Lois was engaged to another man and had a child (spoiler alert: the child actually belongs to Superman, a controversial plot that has divided fans)

Starting in 2007, Warner Brothers released a series of direct-to-video animated films based on the characters and storylines from DC Comics, of course, many of them are Superman stories and involve Lois Lane in some way, shape, or shape-Anne Heche voiced Lois in 2007 in “Superman: Doomsday”, the studio’s first attempt to adapt the legendary Death of Superman story arc from the comics – Kyra Sedgwick gave Lois her voice in 2008 in “Justice League: The New Frontier”, adapted from Darwyn Cookes renowned miniseries – Christina Hendricks played Lois in the 2011 release of “All-Star Superman” based on the miniseries of the same name by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely-Gray DeLisle was the voice of Lois in “Justice League: Doom” from 2012, a loose adaptation of Mark Waids “Tower of Babel” from the JLA-Comics-Pauley Perrette was Lois’ voice in “Superman vs. The Elite, “an adaptation of Joe Kelly’s story,” What’s so funny about truth, justice, and the American way? “from Action Comics # 775-Stana Katic was the voice of Lois in” Superman: Unbound “from 2013, which adapted a Brainiac story by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank (This film also featured Katic’s” Castle “-Co- Star Molly Quinn as the voice of Supergirl) -Dana Delaney re-voiced the role of Lois Lane for the 2013 Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, an adaptation of the Flashpoint miniseries-Paget Brewster was the voice by Lois for the “Justice League: Gods and Monsters” from 2015, an original story about a significantly darker version of the classic DCU characters-Rebecca Romijn voiced Lois in 2018 in “The Death of Superman”, the second animated adaptation of the title- Comic book story She replayed the role for the 2019 follow-up, “Reign of the Supermen,” as well as Lois’ appearance in “Batman: Hush” that same year and “Justice League Dark: Apokolips War” in 2020- Amy Acker was Lois’ voice in “Superma n: Red Son “from 2020, an adaptation of Mark Millar’s miniseries about a Superman who landed in Russia instead of Kansas-Alexandra Daddario provided the voice of Lois in” Superman: Man of Tomorrow “from 2020, one Retelling of the early years of Superman’s adventures

In 2013, Amy Adams portrayed Lois in the movie Man of Steel, in this version, more than any other, we saw what intrepid reporter Lois Lane really is when she tracked down Clark Kent and uncovered his secret before he even publicly wore pantyhose Amy Adams revealed in an interview with the New York Daily News that this was not the first time she auditioned for the role of Lois. She also tried out the role in Superman: Flyby (Brett Ratner’s Superman film which never came to fruition) and “Superman Returns” from By the time “Man of Steel” came out, Amy Adams was probably best known for her role as live-action Disney princess Giselle in the movie “Enchanted,” but hardcore -Superman fans may have recognized her by something else: She played liposuction meteor freak Jodi Melville in an early episode of “Smallville!” (Not something that Oscar nominee is likely to announce on her résumé) MS Adams re-enacted Lois for 2016 in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and 2017 in Justice League, “We’ll undoubtedly get a lot more of her portrayal See Lois when Zack Snyder’s four-hour cut of “Justice League” releases on HBO Max in March 2021

In early 2018, plans were announced for a “Metropolis” series that would have focused primarily on pre-Superman Lois Lane and Lex Luthor, who would have premiered on the DC Universe streaming service. The series never came to fruition and never came to fruition not even the casting phase

Speaking of the DC Universe: Lois appeared in the streaming service’s animated “Harley Quinn” series – voiced by Natalie Morales

The CW series “Supergirl” had occasionally referenced Lois Lane in the first few seasons, but it wasn’t until Arrowverse’s crossover event “Elseworlds” in December 2018 that she finally made her first appearance there on Elizabeth Tulloch (who is often featured by Bitsie Tulloch Goes), best known for her role on the television series “Grimm,” was the latest actress to bring Lois Lane to life on television. Promotional images of Bitsie’s Lois and Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman in the Fortress of Solitude gave a strong “Superman II “-Mood from

Bitsies Lois reappeared in the following year’s crossover event: “Crisis on Infinite Earths” As it brought together heroes from across the multiverse, this event provided Bitsie with the opportunity to share the screen with multiple super people – she shared a great scene Brandon Routh, where she talked about hope, and a brief moment with Tom Welling, in which she compares him to “the buff guy on the paper towel rolls” “We saw Erica Durance in addition to Allura as Lois Lane in Crossover briefly repeated

Fans will soon be seeing more of Bitsies Lois every week as she stars with Tyler Hoechlin’s Clark in her own series “Superman and Lois,” which will be released on Jan. Premiere at the CW on February 25th, the series will explore something that has only been seen or teased in small doses during the long legacy of these characters – Clark and Lois as parents.The show centers around the super couple, the two boys, Jonathan and Jordan, in Clarks Hometown of Smallville, Kansas, raises

In September 2018, Bitsie Tulloch posted a picture of her casting announcement on Instagram, accompanied by a long, heartfelt caption describing how much the role of Lois Lane meant to her, “Back in 1938, when she was first in action Comics # 1, Lois Lane has contradicted and undermined society’s expectations of how women should behave, “wrote Bitsie.” She was portrayed as headstrong, curious, and an apologetic career woman at a time when many portrayals of women were more likely One of the reasons the character has remained so compelling over the past 80 years is because she has all of these formidable, strong-willed qualities, but is also vulnerable, romantic, and feminine to a truly modern woman, sure, Ms. Tulloch met the one Nail it on with the description of why Lois drew the hearts of readers, moviegoers and even the Man of Steel Even though Superman can stop bullets and skip tall buildings, Lois turned out to be the greatest adventure for our hero. From the beginning she caught the attention of one of the most powerful men in the universe and since then he has been flying to her No matter who over the years Stepping into the role, Lois Lane has always had one enduring and endearing quality … she’s the one who gives Superman his humanity because his dream of a normal life as Clark Kent only makes sense when she is by his side

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