News – UK – The door is not closed on overseas summer vacation, says Matt Hancock


The door will not be closed on foreign holidays this summer, and more will be known from government scientists in the coming weeks, Health Minister has said

When outdoor gatherings and sports resumed across England, Matt Hancock said international travel had not been ruled out, although the priority was to allow people in the UK to see friends and family

He told ITV’s This Morning that the “biggest problem” is with variants like those first found in South Africa and Brazil, and it is not yet known whether vaccines are effective against them

“We’re not sure yet, but we’re doing the science at Porton Down and we’re watching very closely If all this goes well, we have no problem and then we will be a lot more relaxed about international travel, ”he said

So let’s make this next step safe When meeting others outdoors, & will keep a safe distance

Mr Hancock said he had “a lot of sympathy” for the travel industry, adding, “We all want to get this off the ground as soon as possible, but the most important thing is to protect recovery here at home so that people can get it can see their loved ones and don’t have to go into lockdown again

“We may get to a position where when you’ve had your push, other countries say, ‘You have to have the push to get in” and so we’re going to make sure everyone can””

When asked if there could be foreign holidays this summer, he said, “I may well not rule it out

‘There may well be’ international travel this summer, but ‘it’s just too early to say,’ says Matt Hancock ✈

“The door is not closed, it’s just too early to tell, but we can say with confidence that unlocking the home is on the right track”

Mr Hancock said work is underway on new vaccines to combat variants that may be launched as a third booster dose this fall

It comes after scientific experts said that summer stays should be encouraged over foreign holidays this year as there is a risk of importing worrying variants

Dame Anne Johnson, a professor of epidemiology at University College London, told BBC Radio 4’s Today program, “This is a high risk infection risk I’m staying for”

Professor Sir Mark Walport, a former government academic advisor, said data should be one of the determining factors in whether people can travel abroad

He said: “Certainly many countries in Europe are currently having rising case numbers – there are 36000 cases per day in France, 16000 in Germany, 22000 in Italy

Overseas holidays are currently banned, but the government’s Global Travel Taskforce will submit a report to the Prime Minister early next month that will include recommendations on how and when to resume overseas holidays

According to England’s road map to ease pandemic rules, Jan. May be the earliest time that overseas vacation travel could be permitted

Speaking of his own summer plans, Mr. Hancock told This Morning, “I’m on vacation in the UK I can’t wait

“I love this country, I have booked my vacation since last year … I am very confident that we will have a great UK summer, we will have great vacations here, cases come down right”

Mr Hancock also said that with the lockdown easing, people should from now on aim to minimize travel but could visit family and friends in England

“We say you should minimize travel, but if you want to travel to see friends and family, that’s absolutely fine,” he said

“For example, I haven’t been home in Suffolk since November I plan to go this weekend but only for the day because there is no overnight stay but I will go for the day on Easter Sunday

On the question of Europe’s potential to control vaccine exports, Hancock said, “Well it would be easier if we just allowed people to deliver shocks to meet their contracts This is how things should work

“We have supported the establishment of these manufacturing facilities both in the EU and here, and have put a lot of UK taxpayers’ money into implementing this vaccine”

“If you have a contract for the supply of vaccines, I think it should be fulfilled

“But we also made the decision very early on to make sure we made them here at home too, in case we encounter such problems. Fortunately, the vast majority of the Oxford lap is made here at home”

His comments come as people across England began to take advantage of the easing of lockdown measures

Groups of up to six or two households can socialize again in parks and gardens, while outdoor sports facilities can be reopened on Monday after the home stay order ends

When introducing vaccines, it is important that we do not overdo it and risk any advances we have made

A group of golfers welcomed the relaxation of coronavirus restrictions by hitting the fairways shortly after midnight

Seven teams used glow-in-the-dark balls and floodlit greens at Morley Hayes Golf Club near Derby The opening rides took place at 12 o’clock 01 a.m.

Swimmers have returned to outdoor pools and those who take advantage of the lock relaxation will enjoy mild weather in parts of England, with temperatures rising to 24 ° C in parts of the south-east of England by Tuesday

English Heritage is also reopening some of its outdoor spaces, including the grounds of Dover Castle in Kent, the Battle of Hastings in East Sussex, Whitby Abbey in North Yorkshire and Osborne House on the Isle of Wight

The Prime Minister stressed that “we need to remain cautious as cases emerge across Europe and new variants threaten our vaccine launch” as the final step on his roadmap out of lockdown was reached

Mr Johnson, who will be holding a press conference later Monday, said that when introducing vaccines, “the important thing is not to overdo it and risk any advances we have made”

Sports Secretary Nigel Huddleston said easing measures was in line with “cautious baby steps” from lockdown and warned police that they would intervene if people break the rules

In Wales the “stay on site” order ended on Saturday and people were allowed to stay in independent holiday homes

Home stays in Scotland end on Friday, while Northern Ireland can meet up to six people or two households outdoors from Thursday

North Korea appears to be preparing to launch a new submarine capable of launching nuclear ballistic missiles The US and South Korean secret services are “thoroughly” monitoring developments at the Sinpo shipyard in the north. New satellite images of the shipyard on the east coast of the peninsula show that a floating dry dock has been positioned next to the launch quay for the huge construction hall in which the submarine is located To be completed Analysis of the images by experts from the Stimson Center’s think tank, posted on the 38 North website, suggests that the new ship “may be near completion or may be rolled out and launched in the near future” The news came as European Security Council members asked for an urgent meeting on Tuesday to discuss the north’s recent missile launches, which contradict previous Security Council resolutions, with the possibility of additional sanctions against Pyongyang. Recent events suggest for Pyongyang to return to diplomatic strategies of the past Last week, North Korea launched two short-range ballistic missiles from its east coast, the first of such launches in nearly a year, and has been widely interpreted as Pyongyang’s first challenge to the new administration by U.S. President Joe Biden, according to Resolutions The United Nations banned North Korea from firing ballistic missiles On Monday, North Korea accused the United Nations Security Council of “double standards” for criticizing recent missile launches, in a statement by the North’s KCNA news agency defending a ho Senior Foreign Ministry official announced the launches, saying, “Many other countries around the world are firing all kinds of projectiles.” Renovation work on the Shinpo building hall was completed in late 2016, and it is believed that assembly of the submarine will be completed shortly thereafter There are additional signs that the ship may be ready for launch, the analysts said, including an official visit by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in July 2019 where pictures of the submarine were released by state media to the storage areas on the premises , which were filled with components for the vehicle last summer, are now also empty. “We are closely monitoring the situation and are closely coordinating it between the South Korean and US intelligence services,” a spokesman for the South Korean Ministry of Defense said at a press conference on Monday Norden has already carried out a number of tests with submerged barges d Performed to simulate the firing of a ballistic missile fired from the submarineThe 720-ton ship it builds, designed to carry three ballistic missiles and, in theory, can sail into the Pacific to threaten US military facilities in Hawaii or even the mainland of the continental US, the US military has warned that the use of such a weapon system by the North would represent a significant increase in its offensive capabilities and a new cause for concern However, analysts have told The Telegraph that the threat is less than what US and Japan’s underwater surveillance technology allows, the submarine is said to be closely followed

Vaccinated Brits should be allowed to travel abroad unrestrictedly under a traffic light system for summer vacation flights, the largest British airlines informed the government. In their submission to the Global Travel Taskforce by Boris Johnson, Airlines UK recommends that only travelers from the countries with “Green Tier” countries should not have restrictions that would allow anyone who has been vaccinated to travel without quarantine or testing “A general The principle, subject to the need to address certain risks, should be that vaccinated passengers are not subject to travel restrictions and only high-risk countries remain subject to strict measures, “said the airlines, including BA, Virgin, Easyjet and Ryanair. At a medium amber level, travelers would either be on arrival or a side before departure River tested but not quarantined, a separate report from Airlines UK warned that losing another summer of international travel would cost £ 55 billion in lost trade and £ 3 billion in tourism GDP if reopening is delayed until September – which More than half a million jobs at risk The inability to reopen to the EU would do the most damage, followed by the United States as there is no air connection to the US until September and the UK costs £ 2.4 billion (23 million Pounds per day) at risk 51600 Jobs Airlines UK said the launch of vaccines in the UK and abroad, increased testing capabilities and new health certification technology could allow international travel to resume in the summer of 2021 and cut costs for the UK by £ 47 billion in GDP This year (over £ 200m a day) Tim Alderslade, Managing Director of Airlines UK, said: “For many of us, aviation is linked to a vacation or a much-needed break, but this new report shows the importance of the UK’s air links to ours Whether for UK exporters, the hospitality sector or companies with an international presence, economic prosperity is “The data disproves claims that it is worth shutting down aviation or delaying restarting beyond the summer Every day, planes that cost tens of millions of pounds and put thousands of jobs at risk are being grounded. The priority is now clear; Ensure a permanent framework for a risk-based approach to reopening air traffic from the 17th May “

Alex Salmond has claimed Nicola Sturgeon would put their feud aside and work with him to achieve Scottish independence after a second MP left the SNP to join his party, the former Scottish Prime Minister announced on Sunday that Neale Hanvey, MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, had left the SNP along with Kenny MacAskill to join Salmonds Alba, whom he claims can provide a “super majority” of the MSPs for independence in the Holyrood elections in May He said the former allies would reunite behind a “common goal” to break up Britain, despite accusing Mrs. Sturgeon’s husband, Peter Murrell, of being among the SNP figures he claimed they had conspired to put him in jail. Mr. Salmond’s decision to form a new party caused divisions i n the nationalist movement, and it is expected that before the Wednesday deadline for the confirmation of candidates for the Scottish Parliament elections on Dec. More high profile spills may follow Ms Sturgeon said: “Serious questions have been raised about the appropriateness of his conduct towards women while he was in the highest office in the country I think that raises real questions about the appropriateness of a return [from Mr Salmond] Public Office on “Mr. Salmond was cleared of all 13 sexual assault charges last year but admitted inappropriate behavior This included a drunken” sleepy cuddle “with a woman

Alfie Atherton, 29, and Reed Roberts, 30, have more than 40 in a series of dramatic heists in London’s West End000 pounds of cash and perfume stolen from security vans and designer stores

The second installment in the new Line Of Duty series was the return of a crucial character

The death toll in Mexico from COVID-19 is over 321000 rose after the government admitted the total death toll fell by around 60%

People are now allowed to gather in groups of up to six or two households, and outdoor team sports are reopening to significantly ease lockdown restrictions in England When the “stay at home” order ended at midnight, Boris Johnson insisted that “we have to remain cautious” and said that cases were increasing across Europe and new variants threatened the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine

Peel the euphemisms off, and the UK’s Integrated Defense and Security Policy Review identified two global adversaries: Xi Jinping’s China and Vladimir Putin’s Russia.Both countries have invested heavily in their own military modernization over the past few decades, but they have different ones Priorities and Radically Different Challenges China has more than doubled its official defense budget over the past decade to 1.355 trillion yuan (£ 152 billion) for 2021, and analysts estimate it will spend far more on defense than publicly reported in 2017, President Xi Jinping announced Aim for the People’s Liberation Army to become “world class” and to be able to “fight and win” global wars by 2049. And China has wasted no time improving its arsenal and capabilities. Besides direct military spending, the company has strong state and private spending te defense company is investing to acquire new technology In the UK and US, they rang some alarm bells about the wisdom of working with Chinese institutions

Salvage teams partially liberated Ever Given in the Suez Canal almost a week after the grounded ship blocked the main transit route. Leth Agencies, the canal’s service provider, reported the breakthrough early Monday and said it was “partially relieved “been The company said it was awaiting confirmation of resurgence from the Suez Canal Authority. Osama Rabie, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, which operates the waterway, also reported “good news” according to the Wall Street Journal, saying tugboats would continue to work to ensure that the ship could go back up the canal “We’re not done yet, but it has moved,” he was quoted as saying that the maritime service provider Inchcape said the ship was floated again at 4.30 p.m. local time (0230 GMT) and was secured, sharing an image that appeared to show the stern of the ship swung around, opening up space in the canal

More than 30 million people in the UK have now received their first dose of COVID vaccine, government figures show 30151287 received a first dose – around 57% of all UK adults – after 650000 were given on Saturday Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted that the new vaccination marker was “wonderful news” and urged people to “keep the momentum going” by giving them a second dose when called

England began easing its coronavirus lockdown further on Monday, triggered by rapid vaccinations, but governments in the rest of Europe struggled to contain the Covid-19 surge

The Shadow’s Home Secretary has sided with the police over the Bristol protests after a Left MP claimed “police brutality is the boot of the capitalist state” in a sign of deepening divisions within Labor over further ones Clashes over the weekend, Nick Thomas-Symonds said the “violence” perpetrated by a minority in Bristol was “unacceptable” Mr Thomas-Symonds added that the events undermine “legitimate” opposition to government legislation that would give police more powers to combat nonviolent protests, including those deemed too loud or annoying Motto “Kill the Bill” He spoke after bricks, glass and fireworks were thrown at officials at demonstrations in the city center, where demonstrators had protested several times in the past few days. While the Prime Minister and the Interior Minister condemned the “shameful” scenes, activists and some MPs criticized reports from demonstrators and at least one journalist physically assaulted, including Nadia Whittome, a Labor MP who left Sir Keir’s front bench last year and said on Saturday: “The case of an independent investigation into surveillance Bristol protests is clear from their comments were echoed by Coventry South Labor MP Zarah Sultana, who wrote on Twitter: “The first lesson is to end the establishment’s presumption that protesters are and must always be guilty. History tells us that Claudia Webbe MP, currently suspended from the Labor Party, went on to say, “Police brutality is the boot of a capitalist state created to keep us all in order. She added,” This is not consensual surveillance and it is inconsistent with it acceptable standards Police act with impunity, this must be convicted Silence is not an option Mr. Thomas-Symonds seemed to distance himself from yesterday’s statements and told Times Radio that he did not agree with either Ms. Webbe or Ms. Whittome. “People should of course have a way to vote To be heard, and there are ways to do it in a covid-safe and safe way and that is exactly what they should be doing, “he added.” But let me make it clear that the scenes of violence we have in Bristol are from a minority seen by protesters are totally unacceptable “That shouldn’t be happening and they don’t help the cause, the legitimate cause of arguing against the protest provisions in the Police Law”

McCartney and George Harrison were hitchhiking and knocking on the door of a Brierley family farmhouse in North Wales

American soccer star Megan Rapinoe recently passed laws in the US banning trans children from participating in school sports as an “intense political attack on LGBTQ people”

Epidemiologist Mark Woolhouse has warned that people will need to be alert to Covid-19 for many years to come

Savile, a prolific sex offender, was featured in a story about child sexual abuse in the third series of the BBC drama

Northern Ireland’s first minister said vaccination rates in the republic had an “impact” as a neighbor

Matt Hancock, this morning, Holly Willoughby, Phillip Schofield

News – UK – The door is not closed on overseas summer vacation, says Matt Hancock