News – UK – The first official photos of Spider-Man 3 are here, a title is coming


First it was homecoming, then it was far from home, and now Spider-Man is going to hang out with E.?

Tom Holland took to his Instagram Tuesday to finally answer one of the biggest questions about his upcoming third Spider-Man movie: What’s the title? We knew the word “home” would be in it, but there are so many possibilities Well, break down the Reese pieces from Holland said it was Spider-Man: Phone Home

One problem: his co-star Jacob Bertand made a similar contribution, but he said it was Spider-Man: Home-Wrecker

wait! Who else was in all of these photos? Of course, Zendaya a few minutes later revealed her own title: Spider-Man: Home Slice

Meanwhile, anyone who followed the comments on these posts saw the stars “confused” about it and didn’t play at all. On Zendaya’s post, Holland finally says he called writer and director Jon Watts

Watts hadn’t responded by 9:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, so we’ll update the post if he does

Well, the three different titles are obviously an indication that Spider-Man 3 is supposed to be heavily immersed in the multiverse, which is why Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange plays a role and Jamie Foxx plays Electro and maybe even Tobey Maguire again, and Andrew Garfield as alternative Spider-Men

Little of that has been confirmed, however. Instead, the best part of this fun little game is that we have some brand new pics from the movie that all appear to be from the same scene Peter, MJ and Ned are looking for something.There are some subtle National Treasure, Indiana Jones vibes, but with hacking or something they could figure out the multiverse?

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News – GB – The first official photos of Spider-Man 3 Are here that comes with a title