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I am 34 years old and have never seen such intense and frightening anti-Semitism in my entire life as it is today.This current cycle of dangerous and deadly hatred of Jews has led me to the realization that the Jewish people are attached to a profound crossroads

We have been led down the garden path for generations. We have been told, “If you change [insert a fundamental aspect of Jewish identity] we will accept you. In return we have distorted and changed our identities and asked to be accepted

History has shown us time and time again that we have a toxic relationship with the non-Jewish world, and this has to end

Despite our constant efforts to appeal to the gentile world, they continue to reject, abuse and murder us, we play the part of what they fear most, and we are demonized from all sources. The right hates us because we are not white The left hates us because we are white, and they both hate us because they see us as representatives of the worst evils of humanity Georgia Congressional District, Marjorie Taylor Greene, that Jewish space lasers were behind the California wildfires in 2018

Our community remembers our dead, and we remember some of the crimes that were committed against us, but we don’t discuss the incredible psychological burden anti-Jewish racism puts on us all

Jewish pride is the movement that enables us to come to terms with the shame and trauma we have all experienced, both personally and collectively, while empowering Jews around the world to build on Jewish identity to redefine and reassume an authentic understanding of what it means to be Jewish

We need to create a sustainable multi-generation Jewish pride movement that protects against the evils of internalized anti-Semitism and acts as a buffer against the pressures of assimilation.We need to raise our children to be proud of their Jewishness, to be innate Right to understand, stand up for oneself and be proud of oneself This is not a call to separation.It is rather a call to integrate into the diaspora – not to assimilate – but as proud Jews, not a people who ask to be accepted

No church should ever be treated the way the Jews were and are treated.But as frustrating as it may be, we clearly cannot stop the gentile world from hating us, and we cannot control how they see us we cannot force them to stop obscuring their worst fears. Anti-Semitism is not a Jewish problem. But there is something we can control: we can control how we see ourselves

We have the power to turn inward and create an inspiring and empowering Jewish pride movement that does not seek outside approval for self-esteem

We have the power to reject the shame of anti-Semitism, as well as non-Jewish definitions of what it means to be Jewish, and we have the power to redefine our identities based on Jewish history, tradition and experience

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