News – UK – The Masters Prize Money 2021 – How Much Do Golfers Make?


Your Complete Guide To The 2021 Masters Prize Money And How Much Golf Stars Will Make In Augusta

Posted: Wednesday, 7 April 2021 at 5:31 p.m.

For golf fans, this time of year is better than ever The Masters 2021 offers another exciting week of sports drama and another step towards normalcy A limited number of fans can attend the Showpiece event

Defending champion Dustin Johnson finally earned his green jacket at the newly arranged Masters tournament in November

Less than half a year later, he has a full field of competitors hoping to pull the jacket off his back and claim it as their own. Can he hold on to defend the title?

The Masters is one of the most prestigious events in all of the sport, but there’s more to it than just fame. There’s a ton of cash on offers for players that are ready throughout the order

The prize money remained constant in 2021 despite the turbulence of last year, in which certain tournaments in several sports had to reduce the prize pots

The distribution of the prize money changes depending on how many players are playing in certain positions However, the winner is guaranteed to take home a mammoth figure, which he takes home with his smooth green jacket

The total price of $ 115 million is unchanged from previous years, and players will be battling for a large portion of that number in the coming days

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Masters tournament, 2021

News – GB – The Masters prize money 2021 – How much will golfers earn?