News – UK – The Raptors’ Nick Nurse has plenty of opportunities to fill vacancies in its staff while developing another head coach waiting for them


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Whoever Nick Nurse joins his Raptors coaching staff will not be pigeonholed

It is not his style to give a trainer a job. He likes to develop a well-rounded staff from which not only his team, but also the trainers benefit

He’s been doing this since he took over the Raptors’ head coach duties from Dwane Casey in 2018, and it’s not going to change now as Nurse has a job to fill after Chris Finch’s departure to the Minnesota Timberwolves. p>

Nurse has always changed something, moving people like Sergio Scariolo, Adrian Griffin, Finch and the late Nate Bjorkgren from offensive to defense into what Nurse calls “special teams”, because the more knowledge the better

“If there are areas in their coaching (where the assistants need polishing) we give them the opportunity to do some of these things,” said the nurse, “I think it’s a good experience for them, too train because if you are the head coach you have to train for the whole game

“Sometimes you can be siloed in this league, you know you’re an offensive type and maybe the teams aren’t looking for an offensive type or you are a defensive type”You don’t want to be so deep in this silo that you can’t practice all three phases of the game”

There are several ways that Nurse can fill a front row coaching seat in the middle of an NBA season.The logical and easiest step would be for the nurse to promote someone from the second row.It would allow someone with familiarity to take on a bigger role to take over in strategy – before and during games – and the obvious candidate would be Jama Mahalela, who returned to the Raptors this season after heading the G League Raptors 905

But Nurse is not all about tradition, and in certain circumstances he might try to do something off the charts waiting to get Brittni Donaldson back from the G League when this season ends has to be considered She is familiar with the Raptors roster and gained valuable in-game experience while working for Patrick Mutombo on the G League team

There seems to be limits to who can add the nurse to their staff, however, as an NBA team is unlikely to give an assistant coach permission to move sideways, and it is equally unfathomable to have someone in the middle of a season get rid of a support video role to give him coaching experience

Nurse, known for her thinking outside the box, may want to look at untraditional positions. He may be able to use his numerous global coaching contacts to find someone to end a contract in Europe or the G League

Whoever gets the job accepts it and knows that he is given responsibility and that he has the full support of the head coach. One of his most important tasks is to hire people so that they can eventually leave

“I have always considered it my job to get people to maximize their professional ambitions,” said the nurse. “I try to talk about them when I get the opportunity and when I make calls through them I definitely try to promote them I don’t think they’d be here at all if I didn’t really believe in them ”

Chances are the Raptors are doing nothing material in the job posting they have solid staff who are familiar with each other who will challenge and advise the nurse, a group that knows the staff and the goals of the franchise

Losing one of the votes at this point in the season isn’t great, but it’s not catastrophic either. And it gives Nurse the opportunity to do something bold or unique, but not necessarily this week

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News – GB – The Nick Nurse of the Raptors has many opportunities to fill his vacancies Employees waiting for another head coach to develop