News – UK – Tom Holland teases the Spider-Man 3 title with Hilarious Fake


It looks like we’re on the verge of figuring out the actual title for the upcoming third MCU movie “Spider-Man”. At least we’d like to meet Tom Holland and his co-stars Jacob Batalon and Thank you Zendaya for trolling fans on social media with an inspired set of bait-and-switch fakes

First and foremost was Holland “I’m very excited to announce the new Spider-Man title, I can’t wait for you to see what we’re up to. Greetings from Atlanta,” Holland wrote on his Instagram Exciting! But then it turned out that this was the reveal:

Zing! “Spider-Man: Phone Home” is a pretty fun title, but wait One of the big revelations in “Far From Home” was that Nick Fury and Maria Hill turned out to be Skrull shapeshifters who stood up for the real Nick and Maria who, for some reason, were out in space. Could this mean “Spider -Man ”3 actually contains an appearance of“ E ”? T the extraterrestrial “? Just kidding

Next, Holland was crowned by its co-star Jacob Batal0n, who came up with what we thought was an even funnier joke:

“Spider-Man: Home-Wrecker” isn’t just a funny joke though, we hope it’s now canon that “Spider-Man” 3 causes Peter to break up someone’s marriage somehow, just kidding

All very amusing, but yeah, that’s a very coordinated gag too. Our guess is that the real, current, non-joking official title “Spider-Man 3” is coming soon, maybe when Holland is on “Jimmy Kimmel” later this evening Live “appears Zendaya

Meanwhile, Holland, Batalon and Zendaya also provided pictures from the untitled film in them not much happens, but if you want to see how the three main characters are still the three main characters, check them out

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Whatever “Spider-Man” 3 is called, Sony definitely has it planned for December, of course, this depends on how well COVID-19 is under control. Get vaccinated if you can folks

Jon Watts, director of “Homecoming” and last year of “Far From Home”, is also the director of the latest film. In addition to Holland and Batalan, the returning cast includes Marisa Tomei and Tony RevoloriK Simmons returns as J Jonah Jameson, and this time he’s joined by Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man” trilogy veterinarian Alfred Molina, who is again playing Doctor Octopus

Spider-Man stars Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jacob Batalon showed some first pictures of the upcoming film, with a side of fan trolling On Tuesday, the Spider-Man trio each gave different insights into the Spider-Man: Homecoming Threequel In the Stills, Holland shared Peter Parker, MJ and Ned gather in a seemingly deserted […]

Tom Holland and Jacob Batalon share the first pictures of Spider-Man 3 and tease some possible titles for the Marvel movie The post SPIDER-MAN 3 Cast shares first pictures and teases the title first appeared on Nerdist

“I can’t wait for you to see what we’re up to,” wrote Holland on Instagram as he revealed new photos for the upcoming Marvel movie

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News – UK – Tom Holland teases ‘Spider-Man’ 3 titles with Hilarious Fake