News – UK – UK lockdown easing begins Aug. March: PM’s office


London: Lockdown measures will be implemented from 8 March reversed in England as criteria for easing are currently met, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office said Monday children’s return to school will be a priority, Johnson said

Previously, Vaccination Minister Nadhim Zahawi said that two families or six people would be from 29 March outside as the country’s COVID-19 restrictions are eased

“The view is very that this is a gradual reopening of all of England, not a regional one,” he told LBC Radio

“First children, then priority, schools, two people who can meet in the open air and maybe have a coffee together, that’s also on the 8th March Then (on) 29, two families or rule of six and outdoor sports (allowed to start again) ”

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

News – UK – UK lockdown easing begins Aug. March: The Prime Minister’s Office
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UK&’s lockdown easing begins Nov. March: PM&’s office