News – UK – Voters do not trust Boris Johnson to safely get the country out of lockdown, polls show


Boris Johnson has not won voter confidence that he can safely get England out of the coronavirus lockdown, according to a new poll

The Savanta ComRes poll for The Independent found that less than a quarter (24 percent) of people in England trust the Prime Minister “completely” or “a lot” to safely lift restrictions, compared with 31 percent said they don’t trust him to do this

And the poll found that voters across the UK want Mr Johnson to be cautious on his return to normal roadmap that will be released on Monday

The Prime Minister is expected to confirm that he would like schools to start on Aug. March will be open again for more children Restrictions will later be relaxed, in line with advances in Covid-19 infections, hospitalizations and vaccinations

But only 26 percent of respondents agreed that children should go back to school in early March, as the Prime Minister has suggested. Another 26 percent said he should wait until after the Easter break and 38 percent later

The appetite for a quick return to school was far lower in age groups 18 to 44, which includes most parents, around 40 percent of whom want to have children in the classroom by Easter, than in older age groups (61 percent)

And there was little appetite for other easing of restrictions in the coming weeks Only 15 percent said the “rule of six” should be restored in March to allow for outdoor social gatherings for up to six people

Only 17 percent supported the return of hairdressers, hairdressers, and beauty salons, 16 percent non-essential stores, and 12 percent pubs, cafes and restaurants in the next month

Overall, only 8 percent of UK voters said they “completely” trust Mr Johnson to get the country off the ground safely, compared with 16 percent who trust him “a lot” 17 percent said they didn’t trust him much and 14 percent said they didn’t trust him at all 37 percent said they were “somewhere in the middle” and 8 percent didn’t know

The results could reflect the voter experience last year hearing Mr Johnson say he could “turn around” Covid-19 in 12 weeks, encourage people to eat and help over the summer, and then Family reunions at Promise Christmas, only for stricter restrictions in three separate locks

Confidence was highest among Conservative voters (38 percent trust and 16 percent not) and Yorkshire and Humber residents (34 to 24), and among Labor voters (16 to 48) and Liberal Democrats (10 to 24) ) lowest 53) and north-east (16 to 40) and north-west (18 to 38)

As a sign that social distancing practices and the wearing of masks are deeply embedded in UK social life, the survey found that many people are ready long after the July target that all adults are supposed to be part of keep them vaccinated

Just 7 percent across the UK said they wanted to get rid of indoor public social distancing rules and masks in March, 7 percent in April and 16 percent in the summer

In contrast, 25 percent said they would be willing to socially distance themselves and 24 percent would wear masks to stay in place through the end of 2021 Around 26 percent said both practices should continue through 2022

And 9 percent said wearing face coverings should stay forever, as is the case in some East Asian countries, while 7 percent said we should adhere to the two-meter distancing rules indefinitely

Chris Hopkins, Deputy Director of Savanta ComRes, said, “The data shows a fairly cautious attitude from the public, which may reflect the government’s recent approach to when various restrictions are likely to be lifted. Only half say the government is giving children should allow them to return to school by Easter This is arguably the only restriction that the government lifted the earliest

“Given that the public does not trust the Prime Minister to safely lift the restrictions rather than trust him, it may come as no surprise that the public would prefer a more cautious approach that does not require it banned again, so it’s understandable that some of the most common measures, such as wearing masks and social distancing, need not be viewed as lifted by the public until 2021 is out ”

Overall, the poll found that many Britons are willing to abide by the restrictions for Easter and beyond, but a clear majority would like life to be closer to normal by summer

By Easter – this year at the beginning of April – 45 percent want hairdressers and beauty salons to be open, 43 percent do not want shops, 34 percent pubs and restaurants and 29 percent fitness studios and swimming pools, around 40 percent want the rule of six in by Easter Outdoors and 32 percent in private households

At the beginning of summer, however, the demand for relaxation increases dramatically: 72 percent want hairdressers and beauty salons to be opened, 70 percent shops that are not needed, 68 percent pubs and restaurants and 61 percent fitness studios and swimming pools, 67 percent want to be in Groups of up to six people can get together outdoors and 60 percent in people’s homes

The survey found that UK office workers like to work from home for some time to come.Only 11 percent of those polled thought that returning to the office should be in March, 19 percent in April and 26 percent in the summer of around 19 Percent were willing to wait until the end of 2021 and 8 percent until next year, while 4 percent said office workers should never revert to the old pattern of traveling to work

Perhaps surprisingly, younger age groups were less impatient with the return of pubs, cafes, and restaurants 32 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds wanted them to be open until Easter, compared with 42 percent of those over 65

The 25-34 age group and Londoners were most likely to want to go back to the office, and those over 55 were the most likely to want to open stores

Londoners were the most willing to hang out with friends and family Forty-four percent said the six to Easter rule should be outside again and 35 percent inside, compared to 26 percent outside and 25 percent inside in Northern Ireland

Savanta ComRes has between the 12 and 14 February 2170 adults surveyed across the UK, including 1817 in England

Cleaners and porters who were infected with Covid in the London NHS Trust refused full sick pay

during the winter wave

Boris Johnson can’t afford to get his roadmap out of lockdown – he has to take that into account

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News – GB – Voters do not trust Boris Johnson to safely get the country out of lockdown
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