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The Savanta ComRes survey for The Independent found that less than a quarter (24 percent) of people in England do trust the prime minister “completely” or “a lot” to lift restrictions safely, compared to 31 percent who said they did not trust him to do so

And the poll showed voters in the UK wanted Mr. Johnson is treading cautiously in his road map to return to normal, due on Monday

Prime Minister is expected to confirm he wants schools to reopen to more children on March 8, with further easing of restrictions following progress on Covid-19 infections, hospitalizations and vaccinations

But only 26% of those polled agreed that children should go back to school in early March, as the Prime Minister suggested Another 26 percent said they should wait until after the Easter holidays and 38 percent later

The appetite for a quick return to school was much lower in the 18-44 age groups, which include most parents – of whom around 40 percent want children in class before Easter – than in older groups (61 percent)

And there was little appetite for further easing of restrictions in the coming weeks, with just 15% saying the ‘rule of six’ should be reinstated in March, to allow for social gatherings of six people. maximum outside

Only 17% supported the return of hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons, 16% of non-essential stores and 12% of pubs, cafes and restaurants next month

Overall, only 8% of British voters said they “completely” trust Mr. Johnson to safely get the country out of lockdown, vs. 16% who trusted him ‘a lot’ Some 17% said they did not trust him very much and 14% said they did not trust him at all, 37% said they were “somewhere in the middle” and 8% did not know

Results may reflect the experience of voters hearing M Johnson say last year he could ‘turn the tide’ on Covid-19 in 12 weeks, encourage people to eat out to help out in the summer, then promise family reunions at Christmas, only for tougher restrictions be imposed in three separate locks

Trust was highest among Conservative voters (38% trust and 16% not) and residents of Yorkshire and the Humber (34-24) and lowest among Labor voters (16-48) and Liberal Democrats (10 to 53) and Northeast (16 to 40) and North West (18 to 38)

A sign of how social distancing practices and the wearing of masks have become deeply entrenched in British social life, the poll indicated that many people are willing to stick with them long after the July target according to which all adults should be vaccinated

Only 7% in the UK said they want to get rid of social distancing rules and masks in indoor public spaces in March, 7% in April and 16% by summer

In contrast, 25% said they were willing to social distancing and 24% wearing a mask to remain in place until the end of 2021 Some 26% said the two practices are expected to continue until 2022

And 9% said the practice of wearing masks should go on forever, as it does in some East Asian countries, while 7% said we should stick with it indefinitely to the two-meter distance rules

Chris Hopkins, Associate Director of Savanta ComRes, said: “The data shows a fairly cautious outlook from the public, perhaps reflecting the government’s own recent approach, regarding when various restrictions are likely to occur. be lifted Only half say government should allow children to return to school before Easter, arguably the only restriction the government has been most optimistic to lift earlier

“However, given that the public are more likely not to trust the Prime Minister to safely lift the restrictions rather than trust him, it is perhaps not surprising that the public prefers a a more cautious approach that doesn’t involve having to re-lock, and so it’s understandable that some of the more common measures, such as wearing masks and social distancing, aren’t seen by the public as needing to be lifted before the exit of 2021 “

Overall, the poll indicated that many Britons are willing to stick to restrictions at Easter and beyond, but a clear majority want life to be closer to normal here summer

At Easter – which falls this year in early April – 45 percent want hairdressers and beauty salons open, 43 percent non-essential stores, 34 percent pubs and restaurants, and 29 percent gymnasiums and swimming pools Some 40 percent want the rule of six in outdoor spaces and 32 percent in homes before Easter

But at the start of summer, the demand for relaxation increases dramatically, with 72% of people wanting to open hair and beauty salons, 70% non-essential stores, 68% pubs and restaurants and 61% gymnasiums and swimming pools By the summer, 67 percent want to be able to gather in groups of six outdoors and 60 percent among people

The poll indicated that UK office workers are happy to continue working from home for a while Only 11 percent of respondents think the return to the office should be in March, 19 percent in April and 26 percent by summer Some 19% were ready to wait until the end of 2021 and 8% until next year, while 4% said office workers should never revert to the old model of commuting to their workplace

Surprisingly, perhaps, younger age groups were less anxious to see the return of pubs, cafes and restaurants, with 32% of 18-24 year olds wanting to open before Easter, compared to 42% of those over 65. years

The 25-34 age group and Londoners were the most eager to return to the office, and those over 55 were the group most likely to want to open stores

Londoners were the most eager to hang out with friends and family, with 44% saying the rule of six should be back outdoors and 35% indoors before Easter, up from 26 % outside and 25% inside in Northern Ireland

Savanta ComRes interviewed 2,170 adults across the UK, including 1,817 in England, between February 12-14

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News – EN – Voters don’t trust Boris Johnson to safely get country out of lockdown, poll finds – News 24
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