News – UK – What do Suffolk companies think of the new lockdown roadmap?


Business leaders have responded to government plans to ease the third coronavirus lockdown
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Suffolk business leaders say the government’s post-lockdown roadmap is only “part of the solution” to post-pandemic economic recovery

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday announced the government’s plan to ease coronavirus restrictions and get the economy going again The companies will reopen in four steps between March and June

Paul Simon, Head of Politics and Communications at the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, responded to the plan, saying: “The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce largely understands the government’s cautious step-by-step approach to reopening our society and economy, as no one wishes to return to one complete blocking again and again

“We also commend the government’s openness in setting the four conditions that must be met before proceeding with any step

“However, this plan is only part of the solution Next week’s budget is vital in determining the future viability of thousands of local businesses, many of which have declined sharply in recent months

“In order to secure a livelihood, we advocate an expansion of the programs to keep the job and support the self-employed income, at least until a full reopening of the economy is possible and at least until the end of July 2021, as well as an expansion in income protection support for Directors of Limited Liability Companies “

Andrew Mower, East of England Development Director for the Federation of Small Businesses, said: “The roadmap provides East Anglia small businesses with much-needed clarity

“Above all, it is important that the plan protects against a fourth wave of Covid and an associated lockdown, the imposition of which would be devastating for companies that fear closure this year

“Small businesses understand that recovery depends on an accelerated vaccination program, access to improved testing infrastructure for businesses of all sizes, safe return from schools, and proper corporate security

“Basically, the implementation and deadlines for business support actions need to reflect this roadmap to avoid putting new businesses under pressure before they have a chance to reach their potential””

Chris Starkie, General Manager of New Anglia LEP, said: “We applaud the government’s approach to reopening business demands for safety, and the roadmap helps with that

“If you can keep track of the data and be very clear about the four conditions that must be met at each stage, hopefully organizations can plan ahead

“There are still many difficult months to come, however, so it is important that the vacation program and targeted financial assistance continue to be available to those businesses that remain closed or work under restrictions”

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News – GB – What do Suffolk companies think of the new roadmap for locking?
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