News – UK – WWE Raw Results, Summary, Grades: Bobby Lashley overcomes Miz gimmicks and wins first WWE Championship


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The build for WWE Raw for a full week had focused on Bobby Lashley challenging The Miz for the WWE Championship, while it took three tries to actually get the match going, The Miz was one of ferocity and power just not up to the challenger when Lashley won his first WWE World Championship in the main event of the night

Miz spent the night doing everything in his power to keep the belt on the line, including escaping a match to suffer a countout loss, but Shane McMahon was in the building to ensuring there would be a legitimate title defense McMahon’s involvement was enough to deter Miz from using underhand tactics to exit the ThunderDome as the WWE Champion

CBS Sports was with you all night bringing you recaps and highlights from the entire night action

Drew McIntyre opened the show with a promo in his first appearance since losing the WWE Championship to The Miz at Elimination Chamber He said whoever won between Miz and Bobby Lashley later that night would have a big goal on their backs When McIntyre was ready to approach Sheamus before their match, he was interrupted by The Miz and John Morrison Miz told McIntyre that he had only done what is expected of a money in the bank contract holder and that he would cash in at the right time, and told the ex-champion to focus his anger on Lashley. When Miz came up with the idea of ​​working with McIntyre, he was cut off by MVP who asked if McIntyre was taking the field seriously before telling Miz that nothing was his fate and the match would take place at the beginning of the second hour of the show

Drew McIntyre def Sheamus over pinfall with a Claymore Sheamus and McIntyre argued before the game, which resulted in a group of umpires who helped them split up to officially start the game the two big men would get in brutalizing a very tough match in which a combination of brawl and large movements of power could be seen after a long fight that saw several near falls, McIntyre was able to achieve the victory in an outstanding match

WWE Championship – Bobby Lashley defeats The Miz (c) by countout At the scheduled 9pm start time, Miz claimed to have cramps and diarrhea, causing Lashley to attack him backstage and Adam Pearce pushed the match an hour back Miz appealed to MVP and Lashley to have the match at WrestleMania instead, which they refused.As soon as the match started, Miz rolled out of the ring, grabbed his belt, and ran backstage for a countout win. Backstage, McMahon said it would give an actual title match or he would revoke Miz’s title and give it to Lashley

WWE Championship – Bobby Lashley defeats The Miz (c) via submission with the hurt lock to win the title Before the main event, McMahon turned the fight into a lumberjack match Miz tried to beat Lashley with the championship belt, after the bell rang trying to force a disqualification but Lashley caught the blow Miz then tried to run out of the ring but was thrown back by the loggers Lashley dominated Miz before locking himself in the hurt lock around the Force submission and win the championship

It can be risky to drive a show-long angle with multiple starts and stops, but Lashley’s journey to becoming the ultimate world champion had largely gone well. Miz knew there was no way he was going to win one-on-one against Lashley, and so did he just couldn’t evade his fate Lashley finally got a click during a WWE run, and there’s a lot to be said for holding out through bad angles and fan criticism to finally put the pieces together in such a big place as the games themselves were nothing , but that’s probably how everything should have happened Note: B

After #WWERaw don’t miss @NiaJaxWWE & @QoSBaszler, @DMcIntyreWWE and @IAmEliasWWE on #RawTalk tonight in the reeFree version 🔓 from @WWENetwork! ➡️ https: // tco / ZtUUkLgyFA BildTwittercom / CCJOTiEvU4

ONLY ANNOUNCED: If @mikethemiz doesn’t show up for his match against @fightbobby tonight, his #WWETitle will be withdrawn The pressure is on! #WWERaw @shanemcmahon picTwittercom / mZcGunnHwC

If @MsCharlotteWWE wants the #WWERaw #WomensTitle at #WrestleMania, a win over @QoSBaszler would be a good start on this path BildTwittercom / jlC2EU8FOk

“I want the Raw Women’s Championship I want to meet @WWEAsuka at #WrestleMania!” 👀 # WWERaw @MsCharlotteWWE picTwittercom / J4jRNnffFi

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News – GB – WWE Raw results, summary, grades: Bobby Lashley overcomes Miz gimmicks and wins the first WWE championship
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