News – UK – XPeng Shareholder Sells Shares It doesn’t make any money for the EV company


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Shareholders in the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer


appears to be selling stocks The sales are not bringing in additional growth capital This is a secondary stock sale where some early investors are taking money off the table
Reports suggest that XPeng (ticker: XPEV) shareholders will be offering approximately 10.5 million American depository receipts (ADRs) between $ 3225 and $ 3575 a share on Tuesday, depending on where the broker who operates the large block of shares is can set the price

XPeng shares closed at $ 38 on Monday.Large blocks are often valued at a discount in the market because it is difficult for brokers to sell many shares at the same time. Around 15 million XPeng shares are traded per day, or 105 Millions is a huge amount to add in any given day

XPeng informed Barron that it is unable to comment on anyone else’s stock sales, however, the move shouldn’t come as a big surprise to investors. The stock sale comes as a ban on sales related to the XPeng IPO. Insiders and early investors are often for a period of typically prevented 180 days from selling shares of a newly listed company XPeng’s IPO tool place in late August, about six months ago

XPeng stock, which appeared on Tuesday, was down 21% in February after stocks in Xpeng Peers

Li car

(LI) and


(NIO) stocks fell closer to 10% over the month, as did stocks in its larger rival Chinese companies


(TSLA) Investors apparently sold some shares before the IPO ended

The XPeng share was down 10 after 3% in morning trading at just over 34 USD. The NIO and Li shares are up around 14% and 14% respectively 12% Lower Tesla stock fell nearly 11% to about $ 639, which is lower than the price Tesla stock entered the S&P 500 at in late December

The secondary sale cannot be held responsible for the entire decline in XPeng or other Chinese stocks US. Stocks are falling and high-growth stocks are hit harder

Nasdaq Composite,

The home of many high-growth technology stocks declined about 3% after the index fell 25% on Monday

Fears of inflation appear to be triggering the sell-off Investors are concerned that whatever stimulus the government is injecting into the economy will result in higher prices, an overheated economy and ultimately higher interest rates

High growth stocks like those of EV companies tend to fall harder as interest rates rise. High interest rates cause investors to reevaluate what to pay for growth. Why invest in something that generates cash flow and pays off later when there are now ways to generate investment income?

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News – GB – XPeng shareholder sells shares It doesn’t make any money for the EV company
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