News – United States – CHNR Share Price Soaks Over 20% Ahead Of Market Entry: Why It Happened


China Natural Resources Inc (NASDAQ: CHNR) stock price is trading at over 20% as of 6:27 am prior to going public on AM ET Investors appear to be responding to a Form 424B4 filed with the SEC

The prospectus filed with the SEC relates to the resold sale of up to 1 from time to time by the selling shareholders named in this prospectus980000 of our common stock with no par value which may be issued upon exercise of certain outstanding warrants Warrants “) to purchase common shares

1) The warrants (unregistered investor warrants) that are issued to investors in accordance with a securities purchase agreement dated 20 January 2021 for the purchase of a total of 1584000 shares of common stock were issued at an exercise price of $ 235 per share, the warrants of which were issued on December 22 Expire January 2024; and

2) The President of FT Global Capital, Inc Warrant issued (Placement Agent Warrant) (“FT Global”), the placement agent in connection with the securities purchase agreement, pursuant to a placement agency agreement dated 20 January 2021 (placement agency contract) to purchase a total of 396000 shares of common stock at an exercise price of $ 235 per share, exercisable between December 22 and December 22 July 2021 and 22 July 2024

China Natural Resources does not sell any common shares under this Prospectus and does not receive any proceeds from the sale of common shares by the selling shareholders. And China Natural Resources will receive proceeds from the cash exercise of the warrants that are exercised for cash in respect of all 1980000 common shares for gross proceeds of 4653$ 000 would result for the company, and the selling shareholders bear any commissions and discounts that may be attributable to the sale of the common stock

Selling Shareholders may from time to time sell the common shares offered in this Prospectus on terms as may be determined at the time of sale by ordinary brokerage or in any other manner described in this Prospectus under the heading “Distribution Schedule” “and the common shares may are sold at fixed prices, at market prices applicable at the time of sale, at prices that refer to the current market price, or at negotiated prices

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News – United States – CHNR share price rises over 20% ahead of market: Why it happened