News – United States – North Texas residents flock to grocery stores, hardware stores prepare for winter storm


Grocery store shelves ran empty on Saturday night as many North Texans flocked to buy essentials before winter weather is likely to last week

Disha Ravi was arrested for sharing a document designed to aid ongoing protests against new agricultural laws

A catastrophic explosion and fire in an Afghan customs depot destroyed hundreds of fuel tankers and caused tens of millions of dollars in losses to traders A series of explosions hurled trucks hundreds of meters into the air and dumped the crumpled remains of fuel tanks up to half a mile from Removed the site of the explosion According to reports, NASA satellites were able to see the explosion from space and the fire was so violent that Afghan officials sought help from neighboring Iran. The explosion on the Iranian border in western Afghanistan destroyed vehicles and goods valued at up to 50 million US dollars, the local Chamber of Commerce said “It’s a major disaster for the private sector,” said Younis Qazizada, a spokesman for the chamber health officials in the nearby city of Herat said only 17 people were injured, but since the customs depot was complete was burned, there was apprehension The cause of the explosion was unknown, officials said. “The devastation is much greater than we imagined,” said Qazizada. “There is no infrastructure at all, some estimates assume that 500 fuel tankers were destroyed. The site of the explosion was smoldering.” On Sunday, power poles had been knocked down by the force of the explosion, and the highway next to the depot was blocked by burned vehicles, crowds of people looted many of the remaining trucks, and on Sunday there were repeated gunfire as soldiers tried to keep order from local traders who delayed blamed by customs officials for building up a dangerous residue on tankers are the border Iranian state media said the country sent several helicopters, 11 fire engines and 21 ambulances to the ground at the request of the local governor by units of the irani ground force Army were also sent to the border area, and the Iranian police were called in to rescue operations

An unidentified man could be responsible for four different knife wounds that occurred in the New York subway system in a matter of hours, killing two people, authorities said.All four stitches occurred along the A subway line Two hours later, a 44-year-old woman was found stabbed to death on the Upper Manhattan subway

On Saturday, clashes broke out between traders from the Yoruba and Hausa ethnic groups in the Shasha market in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo, said the governor’s spokesman. Most Yoruba live in southwestern Nigeria while the Hausa are in northern states focus Tension in the southwestern states has increased in recent weeks over allegations by public figures that nomadic ranchers from the mainly northern Fulani tribe are committing violent crimes that pastoralists have denied

Bendable Concrete Made at the University of Michigan Enables Thinner Structures with Less Steel Reinforcement Joseph Xu / College of Engineering, University of Michigan One of the great contributions to climate change is right under your feet, and transforming could be a powerful solution to keep greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere The production of cement, the binding element in concrete, made up 7% of total global carbon dioxide emissions in 2018 from concrete, one of the most widely used resources on earth It is estimated that 26 billion tonnes of global production are produced annually and that production is not expected to slow for at least two more decades Given the scale of the industry and its greenhouse gas emissions, technologies that can reinvent concrete could have profound effects on climate change As engineers, Working on infrastructure and construction issues, we’ve developed the next generation of concrete technologies that can reduce the infrastructure’s carbon footprint and increase durability, including carbon-infused concrete, which binds the greenhouse gas and is stronger and even pliable The industry is ripe for dramatic change, especially as the Biden government promises to make huge investments in infrastructure projects and reduce US Emissions at the same time However, in order for CO2 to be used on a large scale in concrete to drastically reduce emissions, all emissions must be taken into account Rethinking Concrete Concrete is made up of aggregates – mainly stone and sand – as well as cement and water Since around 80 % of concrete’s carbon footprint comes from cement, researchers have worked to find substitute materials.Industrial by-products such as iron slag and fly ash are now widely used to reduce the need for cement, and the resulting concrete can have significantly lower emissions due to this change in alternative binders such as calcined Limestone Can Also Reduce Cement Consumption A study found that using limestone and calcined clay could cut emissions by at least 20% while reducing production costs. In addition to developing mixed cements, researchers are focusing on un d companies on ways of using bound CO2 as a component of the concrete itself, locking it up and preventing it from entering the atmosphere CO2 can be added in the form of aggregates or injected during mixing Carbonation hardening, also known as CO2 hardening, can Can also be applied after concrete is poured.These processes convert CO2 from a gas to a mineral, creating solid carbonates that can also improve the strength of concrete.This means structures may require less cement, reducing the amount of emissions associated with them Companies like CarbonCure and Solidia have developed technologies to use these processes for concrete poured on construction sites and in precast concrete parts such as cinder blocks and other building materials Carbon dioxide can make up a significant percentage of the mass of concrete Lucca Henrion / University of Michigan, CC BY-ND The Kitahama-G e building, the tallest residential tower in Japan, was constructed from bendable concrete for earthquake resistance MC681 / Wikimedia Commons At the University of Michigan, we’re working on composites that will create a bendable concrete material that enables thinner, less brittle structures that require less steel reinforcement and those associated with it Further reduce carbon emissions The material can be engineered to maximize the amount of CO2 it can store by using smaller particles that easily react with CO2 and convert it to minerals The flexible CO2-based concrete can be used for general Buildings, Water and Energy Infrastructure, and Transportation Infrastructure Bendable concrete has been used in the 61-story Kitahama Tower in Osaka, Japan and in road bridge slabs in Ypsilanti, Michigan The Life Cycle Emissions Challenge These cutting edge technologies can begin to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete infrastructure a In a study published on February 8, three of us looked at the life cycle emissions from the infusion of CO2 into concrete and found that estimates do not always include the emissions from CO2 capture, transport and use With colleagues, we have developed strategies to ensure that carbon hardening has a strong emissions advantage.Overall, we recommend developing a standard CO2 hardening protocol Laboratory experiments show that CO2 hardening can improve the strength and durability of concrete Results vary, however, depending on the curing process and concrete mixes Research can improve the conditions and timing of steps in the curing process to improve the performance of the concrete. Power consumption – the largest source of emissions during curing – can also be achieved by streamlining the process and possibly by taking advantage of it Waste heat is reduced [Deep knowledge, daily Sign up for The Conversation’s newsletter] Advanced concrete mixes, especially flexible concrete, are already solving these problems by increasing durability Merging Infrastructure and Climate Policy In 2020, numerous companies announced steps to reduce them However, government investment and procurement measures are still needed to transform the construction industry. Local governments are taking the first steps Across the country are rules and projects for low-carbon concrete and projects surfaced to reduce the amount of cement in concrete, including in Marin County, California Hastings-on-Hudson, New York; and a sidewalk pilot in Portland, Ore. in New York and New Jersey, lawmakers have proposed state-level guidelines that would provide competitive discounts on proposals with the lowest emissions from concrete.These guidelines could serve as a template for reducing CO2 emissions from the concrete Concrete making and other building materials serve Many North American infrastructures are in poor shape Achim Herring / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY National, the collapse of federal government-managed infrastructure was a growing crisis and the Biden government could begin to address these issues as well as climate change and through a strategic infrastructure program to create jobs, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg recently stated that “there are tremendous opportunities for job creation, equity and climate change in the development of American infrastructure” Guidelines That Make Low Carbon Concrete A Nationwide Climate Solution Could FollowThis article was republished by The Conversation, a non-profit news site dedicated to sharing ideas from academic experts It was written by: Lucca Henrion, University of Michigan; Duo Zhang, University of Michigan; Victor C. Li, University of Michigan, and Volker Sick, University of Michigan Read More: Biden Plans To Address Climate Change In Ways That Are Not US President has previously done what is climate-friendly infrastructure? Some cities are starting to adapt Lucca Henrion works as a research assistant at the Global CO2 Initiative of the University of Michigan He is a volunteer at the Open Air Collective Duo Zhang works as a research assistant at the University of Michigan He researches carbon-binding concrete materialsVictor C. Li receives research funding from the Department of Energy (ARPA-E) and the Aramco Company. He is the James R Rice Distinguished University Professor at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Professor Li directs the Center for the Low Carbon Built Environment (CLCBE) at the University of MichiganVolker Sick receives funding from the US Department of Energy and the University of Michigan Global CO2 Initiative

The remains were found in a rural area of ​​Evangeline Parish, Louisiana while searching for a missing child in December 2018

Parasitic worms could hold the key to a fountain of youth pill, according to new research from University College London Infection with proteins derived from parasitic helminths, such as hookworms and whipworms, can prevent heart disease, dementia, and other life-threatening conditions, researchers suggest And it could help fight inflammation and fight off age-related diseases.The worms that once lived harmlessly in our guts have largely disappeared from Westerners due to our modern lifestyle, including good sanitation, lead author Bruce Zhang, a biology student at the Institute of Healthy Aging of University College London, however, said the loss of our “old friends” may be related to an increase in age-related inflammation “A decrease in exposure to commensal microbes and intestinal worms in developed countries has been associated with an increased prevalence of allergic and a Another possibility is that this loss of microbes and helminths of ‘old friends’ increases the sterile, age-related inflammation known as inflammation, “the study published in eLife, a review of previous research on the subject, opens up the possibility that helminth therapy could help keep us young. Previous research suggests that inflammation causes a range of conditions including cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and osteoporosis, according to researchers, one theory suggests that it is caused by changes in the gut microbiome, but little consideration has been given to the role of the macrobiome – the ecosystem of organisms larger than bacteria – including worms such as flukes, tapeworms, and nematodes.A review of previous work found that helminth therapy was successful in treating inflammatory diseases such as celiac disease treat n It can also stop or even reverse the aging process as research has suggested Helminth loss has been linked to asthma, eczema, bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes, the researchers said.Some studies have shown one Helminth infection relieves symptoms, and animal studies suggest it also reduces the risk of the disease

Former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb told CBS News’ Margaret Brennan on Sunday that there needs to be a “Plan B” in areas where the COVID-19, developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca – Vaccine Widespread Vaccine Analysis: @ScottGottliebMD tells @margbrennan that “we need a Plan B” to implement which vaccines # COVID19 variants like the B1351 strain may or may not adequately tackle ImageTwittercom / qw2ktM88cX – Face The Nation (@FaceTheNation) 14 February 2021 Oxford-AstraZeneca’s vaccine has been shown to be quite effective in studies, but initial results suggest that its ability to protect against what is known as the South African variant is deteriorating, which is worrying as the vaccine is widely considered to be due to its cheaper and simpler method of storage Is considered a trailblazer That makes him the most likely candidate for reaching hard-to-reach communities around the world, especially in developing countries, if the South African variant eventually becomes the dominant source of infection in those areas, it could bring things back to first place, Gottlieb explained that the most logical backup shot – the Johnson & Johnson candidate (which isn’t on the market yet) – may become ineffective in people who have already taken the Oxford vaccine, as both rely on adenoviruses to draw an immune response Gottlieb clarified that the latter point has not been proven, but the risk is until the data becomes clear, in which case the answer could be to turn to vaccines that use mRNA technology, as developed instead by Pfizer and Moderna but they pose significant distribution problems 2/2 The obvious W Ahl would be J&J’s vaccine as it has similar storage and handling requirements However, the AZ viral vaccine vector is immunogenic enough that it elicits an immune response that could cross-react with the J&J AD26 vector and reduce its effectiveness. This needs to be evaluated – Scott Gottlieb, MD (@ScottGottliebMD) 14 February 2021 More stories from the week com7 devastatingly funny cartoons about the cowardice of the Republicans in impeachment Future presidents will remember Trump’s impunityMurkowski delivers a “searing” explanation of vote to convict Trump

In his words and deeds, Mitch McConnell has shown how to keep power when you no longer hold it. Why It Matters: McConnell, perhaps the most powerful Senate chairman since LBJ, sets the Chamber’s agenda, whether in a majority or in the minority as he is now.This reality has huge ramifications as President Biden pushes for coronavirus relief, validation of his candidates, and the legislation essential to the Democrats’ popularity before halftime, stay on top of the with Axios Markets The survival instincts of the Kentucky Republicans were seen at the end of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial on Saturday, McConnell previewed and then cast his powerful voice against the condemnation of the former president – only to Trump outright sentenced after his acquittal He noted that he could continue to be held accountable for his actions in civil or criminal courts, as McConnell’s two-step move allows him to remain loyal to the Republican majority as he seeks to hurt Trump’s chances of making a comeback, and the Making a moral claim to broader American voters in areas where Democrats may now vote for McConnell’s steamroller – for example, by using the power of budget voting to pass COVID aid by simple majority – he positions Republicans rather than Do not forget: McConnell has enabled Trump throughout his presidency to stand with him through ethically, legally and politically questionable behavior and at the same time actively enforce conservative lawyers and a deficit-increasing tax cut only after the Wa College Council officially announced Biden’s 2020 election victory, McConnell criticized Trump’s behavior and publicly broke with him McConnell telegraphed his impeachment approach with his pre-trial measures: he slowly rolled the process until Trump stepped down, then argued it was unconstitutional to take him to court for not being in office This helped create what the Democrats called the “January Exemption” to the impeachment process Flashback: McConnell previewed his tactical recklessness in 2016 when he created another type of exception – he refused to fill the post of late Supreme Court Attorney Antonin Scalia until President Obama resigned, setting a precedent for denying an outgoing president a court position in his senior year if the opposing political party holds the Senate , and with it the confirmation Be smart: Biden is president and Chuck Schumer holds the title of Senate Majority Leader But Minority Leader McConnell will dictate many of their wins and losses for the next two years – just like last weekMore From Axios: Sign Up To The Get the latest market trends at Axios Markets Subscribe for free

After three decades on the run, Howard Farley Jr was arrested in Florida, where he was hiding in sight

Giving high-dose vitamin D to coronavirus patients when they are hospitalized could cut deaths by 60 percent – twice what is currently the best drug, scientists at the University of Barcelona showed that in patients who Calcifediol – an intense dose of vitamin D normally used in people with chronic kidney failure – has drastically reduced the risk of ICU admission and significantly reduced mortality rates, and currently the steroid dexamethasone has the largest reduction in deaths by 30 percent Effect shown and now recommended to critically ill NHS patients, but the new study suggests that if given early, calcifediol could be twice as beneficial in the study, 10 percent of patients admitted to Hospital del Mar in Barcelona with coronavirus died within of 30 days during 57 of 379 (15 percent) control patients died, only 36 of 551 (6) 5 percent) of those treated with calcifediol died They found that previous treatment was better When admitted to the intensive care unit, the treatment made no difference

President Joe Biden spent his third week in office, visiting the Pentagon, touring the National Institutes of Health, and working on the government’s COVID-19 response.It has been used by every president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt first saw it in 1943 personal hiding place went there, and was the site of important diplomatic negotiations and political discussions throughout history, according to Michael Giorgione, who served as Camp David commander for President’s Bill, Clinton and George W. Bush and wrote the book “Inside Camp David”

On a chilling 911 call this week, a migrant told dispatchers in Texas that he and about 80 others were trapped in a tanker truck and they were not found

When NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance, a robotic astrobiology laboratory in a space capsule, reaches the final leg of its seven-month journey from Earth this week, it will trigger a radio alarm if it penetrates the thin Martian atmosphere until this signal is sent to the mission managers Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) near Los Angeles at a distance of around 204 million km, Perseverance has already landed on the Red Planet – hopefully in one piece. It is expected that the six-wheeled rover will take seven minutes to move in less Time to descend as the 11-minute radio transmission to Earth from the top of the Martian atmosphere to the surface of the planet

Police step up patrols and volunteers step up street presence after fear of multiple violent attacks on elderly Asians in San Francisco Bay Area Chinatown

American and Egyptian archaeologists have discovered the oldest known beer factory at one of the most prominent archaeological sites in ancient Egypt, a senior ancient official said Saturday Mostafa Waziri, general secretary of the Supreme Council for Antiquities, said the factory was found in Abydos , an ancient burial site in the desert west of the Nile, more than 280 miles south of Cairo He said the factory apparently came from the region of King Narmer, widely known for his unification of ancient Egypt at the beginning of the First Dynasty (3150 v Chr – 2613 BC Chr) Archaeologists found eight huge units – each 20 meters long and 25 meters wide.Each unit contains about 40 ceramic basins in two rows that were used to heat a mixture of grain and water to make beer, Waziri said. The joint mission is led by Dr. Matthew Adams of the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University and Deborah Vischak, assistant professor of ancient Egyptian art history and archeology at Princeton University, co-headed Adams said the factory was apparently built in the area to supply beer for royal rituals since Archaeologists found evidence that beer was used in sacrificial rites of the ancient Egyptians

A teenager involved in the Tigray conflict in Ethiopia talks about the near-death encounter between her and her grandfather

Winter storm

News – United States – North Texas residents flock to the grocery store, hardware stores prepare for the winter storm
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Grocery and Hardware Stores to see an increase in customers in response to the potential winter storm
North Texas Residents Flock To Grocery, hardware stores to prepare for the winter storm