News – US – 2021 NCAA Tournament: Gonzaga, Baylor dominates the field in the latest March Madness simulations


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It’s well documented how dominant No 1 Gonzaga and No. 2 Baylor have been the only undefeated team in college basketball this season and with virtual locks that is the No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament But that superiority leads in the regular season to good national title chances in relation to the pack on the hunt that lurks behind them in the polls?

The answer is a resounding yes, according to Sportsline’s Stephen Oh, based on the projections of CBS Sports Bracketology expert Jerry Palm, Combined the Bulldogs (323%) and Bears (309%) have a 63Sound Oh there is a 2% chance of shortening the nets if on the 5th April in Indianapolis a national champion is crowned that leaves only a 368% chance for the rest of the 68-team field, since even the projection No. 3 Michigan registers only an 88% chance of winning

Anything can happen in March in a sport that thrives on restlessness and unpredictability, but the data is one of the most striking examples of how far Gonzaga and Baylor are from everyone else in the sport, including Wolverine’s roster who only has lost a game in the highly competitive Big Ten

Baylor’s attempts to overtake Gonzaga in the AP poll and NET rankings were stifled this month by a lengthy hiatus due to COVID-19 precautions The Bears will play their first game in three weeks against Iowa State on Tuesday On Tuesday morning, William Hill Sportsbook had tied Gonzaga to the national title with 280 chances to win, Baylor just behind with 325

Even a respected team like the state of Ohio – projected as the No. 1 seed in Palm’s NCAA tournament – had a slim chance compared to those given to Gonzaga and Baylor, The Buckeyes are out of the way by 1800, according to William Hill to win; All in all, those are good chances, but you also remember that everyone is considered a massive underdog compared to Gonzaga and Baylor’s teams, who have clearly separated from the pack

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News – US – 2021 NCAA Tournament: Gonzaga, Baylor dominates the field in the latest March Madness -Simulations
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