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As the popular series draws nearer, many fans are asking for the release date and time of Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 138 AoT is one of the most popular anime and manga in the world, which is why every time when an episode or manga chapter falls it becomes the main talk of town

Since the series ends at 139, chapter 138 is a very important chapter for the entire Attack on Titan series. This chapter will be in second place after the last chapter of the band chapter and the entire manga itself

Fans who have followed the manga would know that Chapter 137 certainly left a lot of people hoping to get more clarity on what is happening, after all, fans are dying to know the characters’ fate

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 is due on Sept. For English translations, fans can expect the chapter to be released on March 8th in Japan March will be available
Attack on Titan Chapter 138 will be released at different times for different countries. Although it will be released at the same moment, the different time zones will be the reason why the hours vary from country to country

Eastern Time: 10 a.m.
Pacific time 7 a.m.
Central time: 9 a.m.
European time: 4 p.m.
UK time: 3 p.m.
Japan: 12 noon

Warning! Spoiler alert! If you haven’t read Attack on Titan chapter 138, the following information contains spoilers

Only the Japanese version of the manga is currently available. The chapter is entitled “A Long Dream”

Although there is not yet an English translation, some people have already given a breakdown of what happened in Chapter 138.From Chapter 137, where the rumble stopped, 138 continues with this scenario The rumble stopped and the giant bones that made up Eren’s massive titan, disappeared

At this point, Mikasa remembers Eren saying he hated her. Meanwhile, the other characters like Gabi, Falco and Pieck reunite with their families while Annie searches for her father

After the explosion at the end of Chapter 137, Armin and Reiner rise, but there was an explosion behind them.The colossal titanium form of Eren appears, causing the rumbling titans to keep moving

Annie sees her father, but the Hallucigenia produced steam.The steam turned everyone into a titan, except for the titan pushers Levi and Mikasa.The people who turned to the titans through the steam and the spine attacked Reiner

Pieck and Annie help Reiner, while Armin and Eren fight Mikasa and Levi ride Falco in the sky, where Mikasa gets a severe headache. She opens her eyes and finds a dreamlike scenario. Eren wakes her up in the dreamlike scene

A short-haired adult Eren lives with Mikasa in a mountain hut where Eren is chopping wood.The two chat, but due to the lack of English translation, what they discussed is not confirmed.At this point, the manga shifts back to reality

Reiner, Pieck and Annie have a hard time fighting random titans. Mikasa wraps the scarf around her neck and asks Levi to help her enter Eren’s mouth

Levi uses a thunderbolt to break Eren’s colossal titanium teeth.Mikasa kicks his mouth and finds Eren looking at her.In Mikasa’s vision, however, she sees Eren fall asleep in her dream scenario.In reality, Mikasa kisses Eren’s decapitated head while founder Ymir smiles and watching next to them

This chapter is the penultimate of the entire manga, but there are still so many questions to be answered.There are still so many unexpected things that keep fans waiting for another month to finish the final chapter of the entire series

The final chapter of Attack on Titan will air on Sept. Published April in Bessatsu Shounen Magazine

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News – USA – Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 138 Release date and time