News – US coach Confident Pacquiao would beat Spence in style


Justin Fortune, the strength and conditioning coach of eight division world champion Manny Pacquiao, gives the veteran boxer a good chance to beat WBC IBF welterweight belt holder Errol Spence

Pacquiao, 42, has been out of the ring since July 2019 when he won a twelve-round decision against Keith Thurman for the WBA welterweight title

Pacquiao is set to fight in 2021 – and there are many options on the table – including Spence

Fortune, a former boxer, doesn’t think Spence is the same fighter because of the injuries he sustained in a major car crash in October 2019, the injuries took a few months to fully heal, but Spence indicates nothing Lasting was maintained

“Spence is a great fighter and a good champion, but he’s not the same guy as before, not at all. We saw this when he fought Danny Garcia. Everyone raved about how hard Spence hits, and Danny Garcia has Made 12 laps Danny Garcia never pulled the trigger that night or Danny would probably have beaten him I think, “Fortune told The Sun.

“You’ve now paired Spence with someone like Pacquiao, Pacquiao wiping him out, even a 42 year old. He’s still the number guy and the champion for 18 years, which in itself is a phenomenal achievement as an athlete.” / p>

“You’d like to give Spence two or three fights to bring his s back together, that’s for sure Manny is too fast and too strong, he uses too many angles. We don’t know how Spence will pull off his comeback fight with Danny Garcia wasn’t impressive at all I’m so glad he survived the crash but it hurts a lot head and body He came out of a Lamborghini or whatever it was at 120 mph, thank god he’s not dead, but the ligament damage, hand damage, it’s long term, it won’t go away overnight “

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News – US coach Confident Pacquiao would beat Spence in style
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