News – US – Coming 2 America: How rapper Rick Ross’ Atlanta Mansion became Zamunda


It has been 33 years since the enchanting story of a young African prince in search of his bride captured the hearts of moviegoers in New York Ensuring the romantic comedy Coming to America status as a cult classic

The sequel Coming 2 America continues decades later Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall repeat their roles as Prince Akeem Joffer and his buddy Semmi Prince Akeem is the heir to the throne, so the two return to Queens to find the son he never knew, Lavelle (played by Jermaine Fowler), who fulfills a promise to the dying King Jaffe (James Earl Jones)

Production designer Jefferson Sage created the two very different worlds of the fictional country of Zamunda and the urban environs of New York City. The former, a tropical paradise, is magically set on the grounds of rapper Rick Ross’s palatial 12-room estate Atlanta brought to life (also the former home of boxing legend Evander Holyfield and location of Superfly 2018) The production team found several of the 109 rooms and 235 acres of the largest residence in Georgia made the perfect regal backdrops

Sage first looked at the source material and modernized the story for a new generation, maintaining the mythical quality. “Our goal was to honor and update the original,” he tells AD. “We have the fairytale nature discussed the history of Zamunda and its lifestyle, where it comes from and how it informs things ”

Creating a backstory is often an important part of the design process. “This has been the ruling family of Zamunda for a hundred years. We see ancestors in the paintings and use layers and layers of ancient stuff that goes back to tribal ancestry,” says designer Es is about creating a line “This is not a cold, conservative family, and they have very good taste and are connoisseurs of European and African art and photography. Fortunately for set designer Doug Mowat, Atlanta contains a wealth of African and black cultural artifacts, and he does found lots of interesting sculptures and pieces as the royal palace has an art gallery, the set designers created many of the paintings from scratch and worked with digital artists who painted Murphy’s resemblance they also licensed African art from a Parisian art dealer

Several of the mansion’s bedroom suites have been used for the royal bedrooms, the main suite features an extravagantly detailed silver leaf bed, well-appointed drapes with swags and fringes, and artifacts in a silver-blue color palette that plays against the existing gilded molding in the foyer and the Rotunda, reinvented as gallery space, was also a key element, and the ballroom was a major focal point as the film features star-studded dance numbers as well as a wedding, a coronation party, and a funeral. Sage put his hat on for entertainment planning, noting: “We tried to fine-tune the lighting, and redesigned the interior rather elaborately, which included a lighted bar with a huge canopy of living flowers.“ The sky was the limit with elaborate flower arrangements, and the rooms were refreshed every day Green adorned that in some en cases was shipped from Europe

One of the designer’s favorite sets was the legendary My-T-Sharp Barbershop, which featured prominently in the original film, “It was such a New York statement and time capsule that we wanted to keep it the same. Thirty years have passed and nothing has changed in characters, “he says.” It feels like coming home and it really anchors our movie to the previous one. “It was shot on a soundstage at Tyler Perry Studios and the art department was combed eBay for old pictures of Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King, and other prominent African American characters for the walls of the barber shop.In one case of chance, Mowat struck gold when he found the original barber chairs in a Los Angeles rental home ) and shipped to Atlanta so the design team could build a replica

Sage also took into account the eye-catching ceremonial wardrobe of Oscar winner Ruth E Carter (she won for her work on Black Panther) took care not to crash into the couple and worked brilliantly together to ensure that every design element was an integral part of the visual appearance. “I would look at the colors and shapes that she did , and reduce the color at a certain point if it didn’t feel right. It’s a fairy tale story, but I still wanted it to feel real, ”he says.“ I also turned to Ruth for inspiration As she has always taken it to an extra level without any obstacles I got the idea that this family had wealth beyond their wildest dreams and with so much money what would they have if they had something could ”

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News – USA – Coming 2 America: How Rapper Rick Ross’ Atlanta Mansion Became Zamunda