News – US – Gov JB. Pritzker signs a major overhaul of the Illinois criminal justice system


Gov JB. Pritzker signed a major overhaul package for the criminal justice system on Monday that has been praised by reform advocates and planned by law enforcement groups

Legislation will abolish bail in Illinois starting in 2023, require police officers across the state to wear body cameras by 2025, remove affidavit signing requirements when filing complaints against officials, and a more robust statewide system of prosecution from police misconduct to creating decertifying officers who commit misconduct

The measure, which was passed in the final hours of the Lame Duck session of the previous January General Assembly, was put forward by the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus as part of its response to public outcry over the death of George Floyd last year the Minneapolis Police Department

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The package is supported by organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois, domestic violence attorneys, and even some prosecutors including Cook County Attorney Kim Foxx

But police unions and leadership organizations, including the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police and the Illinois Sheriffs’ Association, have broadly criticized the changes

Pritzker signed the bill during a lunchtime ceremony at Chicago State University on the south side

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News – US – Gov JB. Pritzker signs a major overhaul of the Illinois criminal justice system
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Gov JB Pritzker signs major overhaul of Illinois criminal justice system
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